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YFA 4370



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This is a film from the Taylor family collection. It shows scenes from the early years of the two children from the 1930s, playing at in the countryside and in their garden.

The film begins with the whole family holding hands paddling in the sea and frolicking in the waves on the South Bay at Scarborough. The children make a sandcastle and play at doing cartwheels, before hunting for starfish and crabs with a fishing net in the pools of water. They are then out walking in the countryside, walking past some dry stone walls and a mountain stream. The film switches to winter, with the family sledging down a slope in the snow. In the spring, the boy takes the reigns of a horse drawn plough, and later sits on one of the horses. The family are out walking along country lanes, with the children running up and down the grassy slopes. There are new-born lambs and flowers are coming out. They take a walk around Rievaulx Abbey, filming much of the ruined architecture.

The film switches again to the two children riding a bike on the country path behind their house, and then again in their garden, with the boy falling off several times. A group of five women and a girl sit in the garden posing for the camera, later joined by the father. The family are then back on the beach at Scarborough, lying out on the sand. The boy plays with a model aeroplane propelled by an elastic band. They go swimming and messing about in the sea, with the waves shown crashing against the harbour walls. A pleasure boat, the 'Boys' Own' (based in Bridlington and built in 1938), goes by packed with tourists. Members of the family disembark from the boat when it comes in to dock. The boy is fishing by the sea walls. Back on the beach the boy and girl and their mother change into their swimwear and make their way into the sea with inflatable rubber rings, joined by their father.

In the countryside, the whole family are picking blackberries and putting them into tins. The children are dressed in their school uniforms. Back at home the boy is practising on his roller skates in a garage, occasionally falling over. A man, possibly their grandfather, provides a helping hand, and then his sister has a go, also having problems staying upright. Their mother also has a go. Eventually the boy is skating down a path where his sister is riding her bike. The boy is then taken skating out on the ice by his father, who takes a tumble. He is joined by another man, possibly his father, and between them they skate with a girl.

In the summer, the boy is skating around an empty water pool in a garden, and his sister is dressed up as the Queen of Hearts. The girl plays tennis and the boy is stood up on a swing with another boy sitting on it. Four children are playing in the water pool, slashing and squirting each other from a hose. Once filled up with water they swim in their rubber rings. They practise doing 'belly flops'.

Back in winter the family are out sledging down a snow covered slope; managing to get four onto one sledge. In the garden the children make a snowman from the deep snow. Their mother comes out and poses for the camera. Stalactites hang from the guttering of the house, and everything is covered in thick snow, including the bird box. When the snow has cleared, the two children play with wind up balsa wood glider aeroplane in the garden. Two girls play on a piece of wood laid across the swing. The boy has a go with a large pair of lawn trimmers as the film comes to an end.