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YFA 4369



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This is a film from the Taylor family collection. It shows scenes from the early years of the two children from the 1930s, playing at in the countryside and in their garden.

The film begins on the beach at Scarborough, with two children with their mother, running on the sand and paddling in the sea. There are large flocks of gulls. Two women wade out into the sea and go swimming. The family are then seen leaving a house nestled into the cliffs before being back on the beach with the two children playing with model boats, and then swimming in the sea and playing with their father.

The film switches to the children fishing near the harbour at Whitby, where the swing bridge opens to allow a boat through before closing again. There is a view down over the harbour from high up. The family have a walk around Whitby Abbey. Down by the harbour fisherman are repairing their nets. The children play by an old way marker stone for York up on the moors, and later sit in the hollow of a tree by a stream where there is a large waterfall. They clamber over some large rocks and walk up a steep hill to the top of the falls. They arrive at a village where they chase the sheep on the village green. A farmer moves some sacks with a horse and cart. They then come down some stone steps to a river.

The film switches again to the children walking down to the beach at Scarborough, where they play with a ball and build an oven made with sand and rocks. Then back at Whitby there is the Abbey ruins and lighthouse. Buildings right next to the sea are filmed from a boat, possibly at Staithes. They then go for a walk along the cliff top. The children lay down in the heather with their father. They carry on walking across the moors. Fishermen are unloading their catch on baskets. A single carriage train passes underneath a bridge. Back on the beach the two children and their father set up a beach tent.

They then make their way up the steps of the "Church Stairs" at Whitby with their mother. From the top there is a view of the tops of the houses. The boy has a pee down an alley.

They then take a ride on a speedboat, going around Whitby harbour. Back on the beach there is a horse and pony. The children climb up a cliff to a boarded up house. A crowd of people on the pier watch some sailing boats come into the harbour. The children walk through some woods in the grounds of a country house, where the boy stands next to a statue of a dog. There are peacocks and a dove house. The boy stands with an apple on his head, which is hit by an arrow.

Back on the beach the two children play with their buckets and spades. In the background, near the beach, is a tall white lighthouse with a house nearby. The children pose with two men in suits and ties stood on the beach. They find some insects which they hold up for the camera.

The children are then back in their back garden playing football, with the boy tripping up. Then it is winter and they are playing in the snow, having snowball fights with their father in the back garden where piles of timber are covered in snow. The boy makes a large snowball, and he throws snowballs at his parents as they pass pushing a pram. The two children get pulled around the garden on a sledge by their father. They take a walk, hand-in-hand with their father, along a very icy country path, slipping over as they do so. They then pass a deer park and walk hand-in-hand with their mother, still struggling to keep their feet. A man and a woman go skating across a frozen lake where there are other people out skating. Some people are on a sledge, and the boy walks gingerly across the ice holding his mother's hand. Back in the garden the boy is poking a bonfire with a long stick.