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YFA 4087



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This is a film of a Sheffield family and includes film of a Sheffield Wednesday match as well as a train trip to Whitby.

The film begins with some boys in a garden giving a dog a wash. This is followed by a baby crawling across the grass and a young girl sticking her finger in her mouth. The girl is held by its father, a man with a beard. All of the family is in the garden, and a boy leaves carrying a football rattle bearing the inscription 'Sheffield Wednesday'. He stops to talk to an elderly lady before making his way across Hillsborough Park towards the ground. Outside the stadium, the camera shows on of the pylons and the crowd start to arrive, many stopping to buy programmes. A programme is held up to the camera showing the teams, against Blackburn Rovers. Inside there is a short scene which shows the teams coming out and some of the play.

A train arrives in York. A woman stops to look into the shop window of Mulberry Hall, before footage of the outside of the Minster. Back on the train and the next stop is Pickering. The train moves off passing by Levisham Station where a steam engine is standing. A boy has his head out of the train watching the passing scenery as it passes Goathland and arrives in Whitby. The tide is out at Whitby Harbour. The family have a picnic on the beach with one of the boys swimming in the sea. A fisherman repairs his net, and someone is water skiing.

Then back home with new driveway, sunset and flowers before the film skips to winter with snow on the ground, and some people feed ducks on a pond half covered in ice. A boy sledges along a path. Back home, there is a playful kitten, and Robert Dougal is on TV. The film closes back outside where some boys are having a snowball fight and throwing things for a dog.