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This is a promotional film made by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield, for Dormer Tools of Sheffield. With a narration the film shows the production and use of the different kinds of taps (not water taps, but tapping ones) produced by Dormer.

Dormer Tools (Sheffield) Present:

Tap Routine

The film begins with a mock Hollywood type opening featuring dancing steel taps descending a stairway and lined up doing a can-can. The narration then explains the different kinds of taps and their functions. There are three main types: the straight flute, the machine flute and the spiral flute. Each one is shown in turn. Examples are then given of how they are used including in making bicycle wheels and in plumbing. With the aid of a diagram the different parts of the tap are named and explained: 'tap nomenclature'. The steel that makes the taps is shown being examined under a microscope. Each stage of the production process is shown and explained, much of it automated. The taps are then inspected. The narration highlights the importance of knowing how to order the correct tap: the correct size, type of thread and type of tap. The film shows how a tap is to be used, using the Dormer Handbook.

The circular screwing die used for making external threads is demonstrated, again showing the different parts using a diagram for the 'die nomenclature'. The production process for the die is shown, including the heat treatment and inspection. Afterwards the dies are boxed and stored in a warehouse for distribution. Examples of the use of a die are shown: in household use, with domestic electric meters, in complex machinery and in the making of brass screws.

Produced by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield

(The BFI catalogue has full credits not included on the actual film)