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The Castleford Tigers RLFC is the subject of this lively and colourful film.  It follows five characters from the club as they pursue the Wembley dream in the 1999 Silk Cut Challenge Cup, capturing the magic, passion and humour of this tightly knit community at a very significant time in both the sport of rugby and the club's history. 

Title: ‘14th Feb, 1999 Castleford Tigers v Hull Sharks’ 

The film begins with the observation and interview of a female college student (Emma Gill) before a home game at Wheldon Road.  She works on the car park gates at Castleford Tigers.  A traditional jazz band is playing ‘Ain’t Misbehaving’ whilst supporters of both teams make their way into the ground.  Next the club secretary for Castleford Tigers (Denise Cackett) explains her role on match day.  This is followed by an interview with one of the rugby players (Dean Sampson) as he arrives at the stadium.  One of the club workers in the announcement box (Wayne Pickup) is shown having a bit of a rant.  These are interspersed with shots of the club tiger mascot. 

The teams come onto the field, and when the game gets under way, the crowd is shown cheering their team on.  Back in the announcement box Wayne Pickup explains how he became a supporter from a young age.  He cheers when Brad Davis scores a try.  Back in the crowd Emma Gill is making a call from her mobile phone.  At the end of the game Dean Sampson gives an interview on the pitch which is followed by an interview with Denise Cackett in the ground office. 

In the club bar a large crowd stands to watch the draw for the next round of the cup: a home tie against York. 

Intertitle: ‘28th February 1999 Castleford Tigers vs York’ 

Cars arrive for the evening game, and in the club shop a volunteer puts badges and numbers onto the new club shirts.  Before the kickoff the mascot dances on the field to the theme of the cartoon ‘Top Cat’, and Wayne Pickup reads out the teams whilst a young boy gets his face painted and some other young boys do a chant.  The teams come onto the field and club photographer (Andy Howard) on the side of the pitch explains the need for patience in taking photos.  Up in the announcement box Wayne Pickup gets ready to play a clip from a song (Chumbawamba, ‘I Get Knocked Down’) when the opposition score. 

Intertitle: ‘Final Score, Castleford Tigers 28 – 2 York’ 

As the crowd cheers at the end of the game, Wayne Pickup and Andy Howard have a joke in front of the emptying stand. 

Intertitle: ‘13th March 1999, Quarter final Castleford Tigers vs Salford Reds’ 

Outside the ground people buy flags, a girl has her face painted, and the traditional band plays ‘roll out the barrel’.  Dean Sampson relates how his father was a rugby player, and how he feels about being a player.  On a sunny day, a packed ground sings along with Gary Glitter’s, ‘I’m the leader of the gang (I am)’ and Queen’s, ‘We Will Rock You’.  In the background, the rugby league commentator Ray French can be heard.  The crowd sings and dances each time Castleford score any points.  At the end of the game, Dean Sampson is again interviewed on the pitch, and again Wayne Pickup and Andy Howard have a joke in front of an emptying stand. 

Intertitle: ‘27th March 1999 Semi final, Castleford Tigers vs London Broncos’ 

Dean Sampson is interviewed outside the ground on the day of the semi-final as the players board their coach.  Emma Gill is interviewed inside the club shop as customers try on the club shirts.  Andy Howard shows a mock ‘Wanted’ poster for Wayne Pickup, and on the coach on the way to the game, Denise Cackett talks about her family connections to the club.  Inside the Headingley ground, Wayne Pickup talks about the importance of the match.  Castleford loses to the London Broncos 14 – 2.  Some BBC footage is also used showing Castleford getting a try just before half time.  Wayne Pickup rejoices in the stand with Colin Welland behind him. 

As the second half gets underway, Ray French comments that Dean Sampson is playing with an injured hand.  After a couple of tries, Castleford go into the lead for the first time in the game, but Dean Sampson has to go off with his injury.  Denise Cackett and Wayne Pickup go through the emotions of the game as it goes into extra time.  Dean Sampson is sitting in the caddick with his head in his hands as the London Broncos score a try in the dying seconds of the match.  He then speaks about what it feels like to loose out on going to Wembley.  Andy Howard tries to end on a positive note. 

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Dean Sampson

Andy Howard

Denise Cackett

Wayne Pickup

Emma Gill   

‘thanks to’ – a list of various individuals and organisations is given, including the BBC. 

Funded by The National Lottery and Museums and Arts Wakefield MDC. 

A film made by Judi Alston and Steve Richards.