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NEFA 19162



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An amateur film made by Eddie Nelson of the Cleveland Cine Club of the 1986 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race along the River Tyne showing ships moored on both the Newcastle and Gateshead quaysides. The film shows crowds wandering along the river and includes shots of an artist painting the scenes. The film also features the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and her visit of one of the ships. Betty Cook was the President of the Cleveland Cine Society and the North East Cine Society.

Title: Tall Ships. Newcastle Maritime Festival 86 [over image of the Cutty Sark sailing ship].

The film opens with general views looking along the Newcastle quayside with various ships either moored in the marina underneath the Tyne Bridge or along the quayside. The river is busy with many smaller vessels travelling up and down. There are views of the Polish sail training ship Dar Mlodziezy. Crowds walk along the quayside beside the ship.

Further down stream are more tall ships moored beside the Spillers' Tyne Mill. Members of the crew can be seen walking around. A banner hanging from the Spillers' Mill that reads 'Cutty Sark Scots Whiskey Tall Ships Race'.

Along the Gateshead quayside an artist begins to draw the outline of a painting. A man eats a sandwich beside the river. A Douglas DC-3 aircraft flies overhead. Another tall ship with a black and white hull [possibly the four masted Russian barque Kruzenshtern] is moored on the Newcastle quayside. The ship has a number of bright orange lifeboats attached to the decking. People photograph the scene from the Quayside. The artist uses paints to develop his picture.

The film cuts to show the Swing Bridge looking across into Newcastle. From the Gateshead quayside looking under the Tyne Bridge, crowds walk past a number of ships moored there. The Tuxedo Princess can be seen in the background.

General views of modern yachts moored at a marina. On the bow of one ship is a figurehead of a mermaid. A woman cautiously climbs aboard one of the yachts.

From the Newcastle quayside, the camera focuses on all the ships' masts. Sailors from the rigging of one of the ships. General views of some of the smaller ships along the quayside.

Looking upstream from the Gateshead side of the river a number of smaller ships are moored along the quayside. The Rank Flour Mill can be seen in the distance.

At the stern of a ship an ornate nameplate reads 'The Royalist Sea Cadet Corps'. A number of cadets are standing in the rigging. Crowds along the quayside look over the many ships moored there.

A crowd are standing along a road. Two policemen on horseback ride past. The Royal car carrying Queen Elizabeth II drives past, the Queen waving to the crowds. In the distance at the Quayside, Queen Elizabeth climbs aboard a ship, possibly The Royalist, and speaks with a number of cadets. More cadets can be seen in the rigging.

The crowds walk up and down the Newcastle quayside. On a small stage four men sing for the crowd. There are more views of the ships on the river and the Tyne Bridge in the background. A man reads a programme for the event. The film ends with more views of ships at sunset.

Title The End [over image of the Cutty Sark sailing ship].