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NEFA 19457



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A promotional film produced for Joshua Wilson & Brothers Ltd by Turners Films Production that looks at the VG Foodstores network of small food retail shops and supermarkets in the North East of England. The region is served by the Joshua Wilson food distribution company, located in Durham, and is the largest in Europe. All aspects of running a VG grocery store are covered, not only food distribution, but layout, architecture, and advertising

Over the opening titles there are views of a number of housewives shopping at a VG store run by Eric Harrison of Leeds.

Title: Talking Shop

Title: Produced for Joshua Wilson and Brothers Ltd (VG Wholesale Distributors)

A number of young women wait for Eric Harrison's VG food store to open. Eric Harrison appears at the door and turns the 'Closed' sign to 'Open'. He opens the door and chats with some of the women before they enter the store.

Travelling shot of a suburban street of semi-detached houses. General view of a street of bungalows, many with cars parked in the driveway. A woman walks into the VG Foodstore store, located in a small precinct of shops.

A sign above the shop entrance reads 'Wines and Spirits'. Inside, Mr Harrison offers advice on wine to a young woman. General view of a shelf of Cinzano and Martini and other spirit bottles. At the check-out there are shots of Mrs Harrison smiling and chatting with customers as she adds up their goods on the till. Mr Harrison cuts a piece of Red Leicester cheese for a customer. He then stacks a freezer and a shelf.

The film cuts to a map of Great Britain separated into nine sections representing the nine wholesale distribution areas for VG Foodstores. A second map shows the north east of England from Berwick to Barnsley, which is represented by Joshua Wilson and Brothers Ltd. The map also indicates the route of the A1.

Aerial view of the Joshua Wilson and Brothers Ltd distribution centre at Durham. The A1 motorway is also seen close by.

Inside the depot the Chairman and Managing Director of Joshua Wilson and Brothers Ltd speak about the reason why their depot was built next to the A1. There is a view of a lorry driving along the A1 motorway.  Behind the Director a workman at the controls of a fork-lift moves a consignment of goods. General views follow of the depot and folk-lifts travelling around the building. In the computer centre a man sits at a terminal. In an open plan office a number of women type account details into a computer terminals. A large sign reads 'Printing Department'. A man walks into an office where a second man works on a new advertising design on a drafting table. General views show various posters and leaflets being printed, cut and made ready for distribution.

The film cuts back to the depot and a wide shot of metal cages full of goods waiting on a docking bay. Men push these wheeled cages into the back of a VG Foodstores lorry, which leaves the depot and travels along a motorway and a road. At the store of Harry Moor in Sunderland the cages are unloaded by the driver and Mr Moor. Two women then place the various items onto shelves in the backroom of the shop. All the shelves are full of various types of food and household provisions.

Bill Goodwin, the owner of a VG store in Longbenton in Newcastle, walks along an aisle inside his shop looking intently at the items on the shelves. Women customers browse the shelves. Mr Goodwin cuts rashers of bacon for a customer in the store. A woman works at the check-out.

In a small back office Mr Goodwin and an advertising executive sit to discuss a promotion. A young woman goes house to house posting advertising leaflets through letter boxes. Mr Goodwin drives to the VG headquarters in Durham for the VG Retailers' Committee meeting, where various representatives from across the north east discuss new products.

The film cuts to show an architectural model of the new VG store location in the town of Boldon; part of the companies 'convenient shopping concept'. The film cuts to show a new store built beside a number of recently completed houses at Boldon in County Durham on the road between Gateshead and Sunderland. Inside the empty shop the owner, George Cooper, look over plans and discuses the shop layout with a representative of the VG Development team. At a building site for a new VG Store in the region, a VG representative discusses construction with the builder. Back at the Boldon store the VG representative speaks with Mr Cooper about the plans for the opening of the store.

In London there are views of traffic passing through Piccadilly Circus and then of a meeting of the VG Brand Development Committee at the company's headquarters in Sackville Street. Around a table, a group of men discuss the introduction of VG's own brand fish fingers and beef burgers, designs for packaging laid out on the table. Around another table the National Advertising Committee discuss a television campaign and look over a storyboard.

The film cuts back to the Joshua Wilson and Brothers Ltd headquarters at Durham and a meeting between the Regional Buying Director and a representative of Heinz to discuss an advertising campaign for their salad cream; a bottle of which is sitting on the table.

Outside the Boldon store the Sales Director speak to camera about the opening of this new store. A number of local women are interviewed and asked why they like the store. They all say it is because it is so convenient to where they live. 'Miss VG', wearing a sash, cuts a ribbon to open the store. A woman presents her with a bouquet. General views of a queue of women outside the store. George Cooper and his wife talk about the opening day and the issues they faced. A woman comes out of the store carrying a large bag of shopping, which she places inside a small buggy. There is another interview with a VG representative regarding the opening and an issue with getting the shopping carts into the shop. Four prams are seen parked outside the store with a small child looking out from one of them.

At the VG office in Leeds a couple discuss with the Development Manager the opening of a new store. They have a lot of questions about becoming a member of the VG group. General views of the Wholesale Executive Group meeting taking place in Durham. They talk about a new line of  'Bonus Dog Meal'. The film cuts to a Sales and Training briefing, with regional representatives listening intently.

A car pulls into a parking space in front of the VG supermarket run by Ken and Kitty Falshaw on the outskirts of Harrogate. Inside the store there are various views of Ken Falshaw working with a check-out girl on the till or speaking with customers around the store. Kitty Falshaw is seen working in the household goods section. Men and women shop in the supermarket. Ken and Kitty sit and discuss their store. While Ken is seen helping a customer load her car with shopping, Kitty is in an office counting the days takings. Ken closes up the store and getting into his car with Kitty. Kitty deposits the takings into the night safe of a branch of Barclays Bank.

The final part of the film begins with Ken and Kitty Falshaw climbing into their car and driving away for a weekend at their caravan. Various shots show other VG stores owners relaxing, gardening, playing golf or taking the family to the local swimming pool. The film ends with another couple getting into the car and driving away with their own caravan.

Credit: Acknowledgement. VG Retailers Manufacture and Supply Companies A.G.D. Ltd, Sackville Street, London and the staff of Joshua Wilson and Brothers Ltd.