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Made by the University of Leeds, this is a promotional film that explores both campus and the city, specifically to aid sixth formers make a decision about university.

Title - Talk About Leeds

The film opens with a shot of the Leeds city skyline. This is followed by exteriors of many of the University buildings. Inside, four students are discussing the different subjects they are currently studying and how they came about that decision. One of the students speaks about his Engineering programme, something which he has wanted to study right from the start. One of the other students points out that many people change their minds and declare a different major after starting university. Leeds is the type of place where students can do that as you can take a variety of courses to combine studies. Another one of the students, studying law, points out that not all students go to university straight from school. After discussing some of the good things about the University, the students talk about their arrival to Leeds, how it is a quite large school and city, and this can sometimes be a bit of a shock to new students. Following this is footage of different parts of the campus which are filled with students. There is an advertisement for a disco, some students are handing out flyers, and there are shots of the diverse student body.

There are shots of various campus buildings including, but not limited to, Agricultural Science, Medical Engineering, and Education. Then, a science class is taking place in a large lecture theatre. The commentary explains that these classes can reach up to 150 students, and lectures can be quite fast-paced compared to sixth form lessons. Other types of lessons are shown including small group study, tutorials, and one-on-one discussions.

One of the University science labs is full of students including one of the boys from the beginning of the film. While carrying out an experiment, his commentary explains that he enjoys practical subjects. Also, as a third year he has the opportunity to participate in a research project which may gain notoriety. One if his professors comes in and discusses the lab test results.

Out in an open field, engineering students are surveying the land. Their assignment involves designing an overpass and service area on the motorway to Hull. Later they discuss their designs with their professor, and other students can be seen working on blueprints.

In the Law Department, one of the boys from the beginning of the film is studying at a desk. He then points out the high quality law library and university library facilities. His commentary is accompanies by a tracking shot of the large library on campus.

The Student Union also provides services for the university students, and there are posters advertising the various events which are held at the SU. The SU building also houses cafeteria facilities, a disco, and a pub. Also highlighted is the student run campus newspaper.

Different activities are available to students including volunteer work. One student, interested in social work, is seen at a school playground looking after the children, playing sports, and doing arts and crafts. There is also a music society which performs in the concert hall. The University also has facilities in the Yorkshire Dales which are available for students to use, and the film includes sweeping views of the scenic countryside.

The scenery is not limited to the Dales as the film shows many parks and green areas around the University campus where students can study and relax in the sun. The film then goes onto highlight the different attractions of the city including its many shops and markets.

The last section of the film addresses the different accommodation available to students. On campus rooms and flats are available as well as private accommodation around the city. The engineering student is seen riding his bike along the city streets to a house in the middle of a terraced street. The students comment that new student may be scared, but university presents lots of opportunity; the sky's the limit.

It is graduation day, and all the graduates are gathered together in a large hall. They are dressed in caps and gowns and make their way to the front of the hall as their names are called. The crowd applauds as each graduate receives his or her diploma. After the ceremony, the students gather outside with their friends and family.

Title - The student talking were: Kathryn Baker, Geoffrey Daunt, Norman Train, Robert Hockney.

The film closes with a shot of the Leeds city skyline.

Title - Produced by the University of Leeds Television Service