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YFA 130



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of family trips to Blackpool, the Lake District, Derwent Valley and Skegness, some filmed from an airplane. 

Title – A Noel T Beardsell Prescription
Intertitle – Someone advised us to "take more water" – we did – with our camera.
Intertitle – First let's get soaked in our subject!

A man dives off a high board at a crowded outdoor swimming pool.

Intertitle – Now we are all in our element.

A woman bather goes down a slide into the water head first.

Intertitle – But this lad seems a bit backward.

A youth is shown doing the same, filmed in reverse.

Intertitle – "Just a splash, please."

A woman dives in.

Intertitle – From one pool to another – BLACKPOOL

A light aircraft takes off and Blackpool is filmed from the air.

Intertitle – This looks like to be night.

A group of people are filmed on a fairground ride and going down a large slide.

Intertitle – Now switch back to the English Lakes . . .

Several cars and a motorcyclist drive over a bridge, with mountains in the background.

Intertitle – . . . . across the Kirkstall Pass.

Cars go up the pass, with a man pushing a cycle up the hill.

Intertitle – By Windermere we wander more. .

There is a panoramic view over the lake.

Intertitle – . . to Derwent Valley Waterworks.

The dam is shown, from a distance and up close, with water pouring over it.

Intertitle – and this they called the "Rain of Terror"

Streets are shown badly flooded.  One wall is covered in advertising hoardings.  Cars drive through the flooded streets, followed by two postmen on bicycles.  A horse and cart go by loaded with passengers. 

Intertitle – After houses under water – why not Yachts on dry land?

Vehicles with sails drive along a beach, with 'Nip–on' printed on the sails.

Intertitle – Upon reflection – we prefer White Wings over the water.

Swans swim on a river.

Intertitle – It's "Wet and Warmer" at an all–in bout.

There is an outdoor wrestling match watched by a large crowd in a stadium.  The winner walks off, and the next contestant gets into the ring for another bout.

Intertitle – Now brace yourself up – for a sniff of Skegness air.

There are various scenes on the Skegness front, and then it is filmed from the air, showing a packed beach.

Intertitle – Britons take their water in all shapes and sizes.

A small sailing boat, and then some very large ships, is shown near the coast, including a warship.

Intertitle – After taking so much we begin to get water on the brain!
Intertitle – Quite so!  It's time we knocked off for just a spot of SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!