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NEFA 22489



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This staged Gaumont comedy sketch documents a crowd watching an entertainer in drag at The Hoppings fair on the Town Moor in Newcastle upon Tyne attacking a news cameraman with an umbrella. The intention may have been to poke fun at suffragettes using it as propaganda against the movement. 

Title: Taken Under Protest. Gaumont

This is a staged comedy sketch at the Hoppings travelling fair on the Town Moor in Newcastle featuring a male performer dressed as a woman. She waves an umbrella menacingly to camera. She then proceeds to attack a cameraman in a top hat who is cranking his camera as she brandishes her umbrella, a small crowd watching the fun. She chases the cameraman towards some sideshows where a stall holder with a football is nearly knocked over. The man in drag arrives beating up the cameraman, the stallholder's attention now held by the cameraman filming the action. The cameraman pleads with the woman to stop.