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YFA 2663



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Made by the Doncaster Cine Club, this film documents the Dinner Dance at the Bentley Pavilion in 1968.  The participants are all dressed in evening attire fashionable for the time period.  The camera spins and moves with the action to help to convey the movement of the dance.  There are many close-ups of the couples as they dance which also capture the lovely detail of the ladies’ dresses.

The film opens with a close up of a ticket for ‘Dinner & Dance’ at Bentley Pavilion on Monday 25th November 1968 with the John Fowler Olde Tyme Dance Club. 

The guests, all formally dressed, take their seats at long tables for a meal.  before the dancing begins.  The music starts, and the couples move to the dance floor for the Mayfair Quick Step followed by the Irish Foxtrot.  Then they dance the Lady’s excuse me the Solway Saunter, Nigella Blues progressive, wispering waltz and the moonlight waltz.  The women are drinking dark ales (possibly Mackeson’s).  They dance the friendly waltz progressive and the sillouette quick step.