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YFA 6076



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This film features an educational demonstration in Sheffield to late primary or early secondary school students about how to properly care for their teeth.  The exhibition space is decorated with posters outlining proper dental care as well as features demonstrations using a dentist’s chair and tools.    

Title – Take Care of Your Teeth

A replica dentist’s office is on display complete with a reclining chair and movable light.  Medical tools are on display along with the Dental Split-Beak extractor forceps which are described as, “unequalled for grip and stability.”  On a table biscuits and sweets are piled up and labelled as food which causes tooth decay.  A poster on the wall identifies apples as a food which protects teeth.  There are also posters which feature a model showing the proper way to brush your teeth.  Another poster reads, “Smile if you dare… Bad teeth are no laughing matter.”  There are further shots of the exhibition.  

The children are seated in rows of chairs from which they watch a demonstration.  Once of the students is laying in the dentist’s chair as a woman checks her teeth.  There is a further demonstration of how to clean teeth using some of the dentist’s tools, and a diagram of a “normal” tooth can be seen.  The filmmaker moves around the exhibition filming the different posters and objects, and more demos follow about dental hygiene.  The children get to try out some of the tools and also take turns in the chair.  Some use a motorized toothbrush on model teeth.    

A man stands in front of the students, and with the aid of a diagram, instructs the children on the correct movements to brush your teeth.  The kids imitate the man, moving their hands up and down or in a circular motion.  Following this, they all eat apples, and the filmmaker takes close-up shots of some of the children’s mouths, chewing the apple while under the dentist’s chair light.  The children continue to use more of the objects on display including using a small drill on a set of model teeth.  The film closes with a list of three rules for healthy teeth:  Eat the right food, Clean the teeth properly, and Visit the dentist regularly.