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YFA 4836



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Made in collaboration with the Todmorden Road Safety Committee West Riding Constabulary, this is a road safety film aimed to teach children to take care when crossing the road.  The is shot in Todmorden and features scenes of the town. 

The film opens with an exterior shot of a street in Todmorden. A green bus drives away from the camera, followed by cars and an army lorry.

Title – T.Y.C. Film Unit Presents
In collaboration with the Todmorden Road Safety Committee and the West Riding Constabulary
Take Care

An Austin Six motor car drives towards the camera, stopping just in front of it.

The next sequence begins with an exterior shot of a shopping street in Todmorden.  A van passes along the road, and pedestrians walk on the pavement. The camera changes position, and a lorry cab with an empty trailer passes the car.  A church is visible in the background.  This appears to be the top of Halifax Road with Burnley Road crossing in front of St Mary's Parish Church.

The film moves on to shots of children's legs and feet as they walk along the pavement, with cars passing by.  A boy has stopped outside a furniture shop and stares in the window whilst a red lorry passes along the road in front.  From across the road, a second boy hails him, and the first boy walks straight across the road towards his friend without paying attention to the traffic.  A green bus is driving towards him, and the second boy watches and cries out as his friend is almost knocked down.  The bus stops and the driver gets out.  The first boy bangs on the grill of the bus.

Title – “Take care!"

The bus drives off, and the boy reaches the pavement where his friend and a policeman are waiting for him.  The policeman shows the boys a poster on a wall about avoiding accidents.  He then takes out his pocket watch and speaks to the children.

Title – “Come with me - see what happens every day."

The children and policeman walk off together up the street.  Next, on a busy residential street, various pedestrians are using a pedestrian crossing, and a policeman shepherds a group of small children across safely.  Children jostle one another and play on the pavement, and the policeman instructs the children on crossing the road.

Title – “Look both ways…then cross…"

The group watch as a troupe of boys on the street ahead of them walk along the road, and cars are forced to swerve to avoid them.  This is followed by footage from inside one of the cars that narrowly misses a cyclist, before the policeman tells off the troublesome boys.

Title – “Are you a jay walker?"

The group walk down a shopping street, towards the camera, stopping at a pedestrian crossing.  Under the watchful eye of the policeman, they all cross safely.

Title – “Always use the pedestrian crossing."

The group walks away from the camera.  Two children run out across the road from behind a parked green bus, and a car has to brake quickly to avoid hitting them.  The policeman stops his group and calls the two boys back.

The camera then films the group from across the road as the policeman points out the danger of crossing behind a parked vehicle.  The group moves further down the street to a clear stretch of road, before looking both ways and crossing safely.

Title – “Don’t cross till the view is clear."

As the group walk along, a trio of girls wander out into the road and the policeman calls after them.

Title – “Use the footpath."

The girls move back on to the footpath and the group catch up with them on Burnley Road, outside St Mary’s Parish Church.

The next segment shows children playing with a ball by the side of the road. One child runs across the road following the ball and dribbles it back. The policeman stops him and warns the boys about playing by the road.  Both sets of children walk together down the street to a green.  The policeman kicks the ball over to the boys, and they start to play a safe game of football.

Title – “Find a safe place for your games - not the main road."

On the street, the group have stopped, and the policeman takes out his pocket watch again.  A close up of the watch shows that the time is 5.30.  This is followed by an exterior shot of a factory entrance where the children stop to watch the employees leaving work.

Title “Everybody take care".

The policeman waves goodbye to the children, and the film comes to an end with scenes taken from around the town.