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YFA 1946



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Made by Bradford Institute of Technology, this is a film of the local Teachers Social Association garden party, attended by the Principal of the College, Dr Ted Edwards.  It shows families enjoying themselves, playing various games such as Test Your Strength, and a cricket match.

Title ¬– T & C S A Garden Party

The film begins looking down onto the field where the garden party is taking place.  There are many stalls, and a man is practicing his cricket strokes.  A dog is sitting on the table where tickets are being sold, and where there is a man in a kimono and a coolie hat with raffle tickets.  A roller goes over the cricketing strip, and a man does a Jimmy Edwards impression with a false moustache.  Children play on the swings and a see-saw.  Other children come away from a stall examining what they have bought, and a small girl holds a bag of Golden Wonder crisps.  All of a sudden her twin sister appears, also holding a bag of Golden Wonder crisps. 

People mull around the stalls selling second hand books and items of food.  Some boys have a go at a game of trying to kick a football through some tyres hanging up.  One girl walks past wearing her school jacket. 

Families arrive, and many sit in deck chairs waiting for the cricket.  There is a stall selling bottled drinks and crisps.  Adults and children play on the various games, including Test Your Strength, a ‘Kokonut Shy’ and darts.  A boy manages to kick a ball through a tyre.  A small boy rides across on a bicycle that looks like a scooter and a small girl has a go on the see-saw.

Some of the cricket match is shown before returning to the games, and a small girl with a lollipop in her mouth.  Some women have a go at trying to get a ball into a bucket.  A man rings a bell for the ‘rolla ball’ game. 

The film shows many of the families, with one mother holding her small child while being pushed by her husband on the swings.  Also there is Dr Ted Edwards, the Principal of the College, in a red short-sleeved shirt.  There then follows some sprint races; first with small girls, then one of older boys.  Ted Edwards has a go on the Try Your Strength.  Then people have a go on the Kokonut Shy, followed by a game of moving peas with a straw.  Repairs are made to the Test Your Strength machine.  A woman has a go on the swings and the film finishes showing people walking among the stalls.

The End