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NEFA 20562



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Home movie compilation by Frank and Edgar Dean Wilson of a holiday in Switzerland and a poolside fashion parade.

Title: Holiday in Switzerland 1960

Title: Interlaken

Rather dark views taken across a lake at Interlaken showing buildings and bridges. Water cascades over stones and rocks. General views show riverside chalet style houses, with towering mountains in the background.

A couple stand on the roadside next to Lake Thun or Lake Brienz, looking down at a swan. A man and two women walk along a footpath towards the camera.

Title: The Casino Kursaal

This section shows a public park with brightly coloured flower bed and a pavilion style building.

Title: At The Pool

General views of people swimming in an outdoor pool.

Title: Interlaken From Hatel Harderkulm 400ft

Views from a cable car or chair lift show the changing scenery as it progresses up the mountain. The countryside and villages are seen in the valley below. More views of the scenery are taken from a terrace where people sit at a table and take refreshment. Travelling shot from a railway carriage.

Title: Grindelwald Chairlift

General views follow of cloud capped mountains and of a cable chair lift in operation. Views of the scenery taken from the chairlift include people enjoying a picnic, and streams flowing down the mountain as other chairs pass by on the way up the mountain. Mountain chalets can also be seen.

Title: Ballon Race At Lucerne

Outside a restaurant or snack bar in a public park, hundreds of ballons are tied together. The film cuts to crowds crossing a bridge in a busy city centre. Swiss flags decorate the bridge. Two boys greet each other.

Title: 'I Have Sent One Up, I wonder How Far It Will Go?'

Title: Pilatus Aerial Cableway

A view of a cable car travelling up a mountain follows.

Title: Ascending the Grimsel and Furka Passes

General views show a deep valley with a stream and a road running parallel to it. The film cuts to a travelling view taken from a car moving up the mountains. Panoramic general views show the mountains and valleys of the Bernese Alps.

Title: A Group of Swiss Singers

At a mountain viewpoint, a women's choir gather wearing traditional costume. Nearby another larger group of men also in costume sing.

Title: A Trip On Lake Brienz

The cruiser Stadt Bern sails by as tourists, including the filmmaker, take a boat trip on Lake Brienz. Travelling shots from the boat follow of buildings and lake side chalets. Residents and holidaymakers eat, drink and take in the view from lakeside terraces. A large paddleboat sails by. An area is set out with tables shaded by parasols.

Title: The Jungfrau 12498ft

General view of the snow covered mountain, Jungfrau, in the distance.

Title: Photography and titles by Frank Wilson. The End

Title: Interval

Title: A Frandean Film

Title: In The Swim

Title: Fashion Parade

At an outdor swimming pool with an audience seated in terraces, a fashion parade is underway. Women in simming costumes parade along the pool's perimeter path. They pose for the camera and judges.

The film ends as one of the women appears in evening dress at the poolside after the swimming costume sequence.

Title: Photography by Frank Wilson. The End