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YFA 308



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday with his wife Grace in Switzerland based in Zermatt, and using intertitles to identify the mountains and other attractions.

The film begins by showing the following mountains in turn: Jungfrau, Monch' and Eiger. Some people sit on a bench high up looking out over the scenery, with a Swiss flag flying. A man leads two ponies over a mountain track.

Intertitle - Next morning we find the school waiting for the train

Children are waiting on a station platform.

Intertitle - On the way to the Jungfraujoch we take a last look at the Jungfrau before entering the 5 ? mile tunnel at Eiger Glacier Station.

Another, different, view of the mountain is shown before they board the train.

Intertitle - Eigerwand Station (9,393 feet) a window in the north face of the Eiger

Visitors look down and across the valleys and mountains.

Intertitle - Eismer Station (10,368 feet) above grim fairyland of fantastic ice pinnacles and crevasses

An array of ice pinnacles and crevasses is shown.

Intertitle - From the Jungfraujoch hotel (11,338 feet) we look over the Aletsch Glacier, the largest in Europe

A small group of people can be seen in the distance on the giant glacier.

Intertitle - From the "Josch" gliders were being launched over a 4,000 feet precipice

A glider is pushed into position and then two lines of people catapult it over the edge using long ropes. One glider, 'Olympia' from Berlin, has a swastika on it. It too is catapulted over the edge. There are some black birds.

Intertitle - One longs for weeks to explore the high hills

More mountains are shown, and two men make their way along a snow covered mountain path on skis.

Intertitle - You could find the Lauterbrunnen goat market blindfolded!!

The market is shown, with two goats head butting each other, near where a man is chopping wood.

Intertitle - The Staubbach on a windy day

The waterfall is shown with water spraying, followed by a grazing cow.

Intertitle - leaving the Oberland we travel to Zermatt in the Valais.

In a mountain village a man carries a dead hare in one hand and a rifle in the other. In the distance is the Matterhorn, with goats and cows grazing in the village where a woman and children carry baskets on their backs.

Intertitle - As is fitting when in the austere presence of the Matterhorn we pay our respects to the first day. We set out for the Belevedere Hut (10,500 feet).

A man walks along a wooden track next to a river with a full basket of wood on his back.

Intertitle - It's hot at first . . .

The film again looks up at the Matterhorn from a distance.

Intertitle - "Larry" adopts us for a mile or so

Grace races a sheep up a mountain path. There are more views of the Matterhorn and the villages in the valley as Grace ploughs on.

Intertitle - Away to the left rises a dazzling range of peaks ? - Breithorn, Castor and Pollux and Monte Rosa.

These mountain peaks are shown in turn, as well as the Hotel Schwarzsee, set up in the mountains.

Intertitle - Above the Black Lake powder snow is flying before a cold wind

The powder snow blows around the top of a mountain, as Grace continues to make her way, holding onto her hat in the wind.

Intertitle - The summit looks forbidding

The wind blows the snow off the peak rising up high above them.

Intertitle - Zermatt

A valley is filmed from high up, and then in a village a priest stands in front of a church.

Intertitle - "Killed on the Matterhorn"

There are memorial stones to commemorate those who had not survived the climb to the peak of the Matterhorn.

Intertitle - Rudolph Taugwalder

A man poses for the camera with his pipe.

Intertitle - The Matterhorn is seen from Gornergrat.

There is a quick look at a mountain railway before the Matterhorn is shown, along with the surrounding area. Grace sits on a rock feeding the black birds.

Intertitle - Along the Hotheligrat Ridge

Grace climbs up some rocks.

Intertitle - The back to Findelen

Sheep and lambs graze in the valley.

Intertitle - The paths are swarming with grasshoppers

There are grasshoppers and a butterfly.

Intertitle - The River Visp Zermatt Valley

The fast running river flows over the rocks. A woman herds some cows along a country path, and Gladys walks along a path in front a large waterfall.

Intertitle - Homewards

A train is shown entering a mountain tunnel. Passengers disembark at the terminal station and they board a ship. Back home Grace lifts up a 1-2 yr. old Rachel and a wire fox terrier dog runs about.

Intertitle - The glory of Switzerland is inexpressible, but to have dwelt in the realm of the hills is to have lived.

One last look at a mountainside with an atmospheric sky.

The End - finishing with the wagging tail of the fox terrier.