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Part of the Ibberson collection, the majority of this film takes place in Switzerland and Austria with black & white intertitles throughout. Additionally, there is footage showing London Decorations on Whit Monday, 25th May, 1953 prior to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Title - Switzerland 1953

The film opens with aerial footage taken from an airplane. The landscapes are very scenic.

Title - Zurich 15th May

There are scenes of the city centre and the White Star Hotel. Nearby is a lake in which there are many boats. Mountains and other buildings can be seen in the background.

Title - The River Limmat and the Grossmunster

The river can be seen with a large bridge. Boats are moored nearby, and Mrs. Ibberson poses for the camera. A few holidaymakers rent small boats to ride on the river.

Title - Zugersel

Scenic views of the lake and mountains.

Title - The Rigi - 5905 feet - from which the panorama is 300 miles in circumference including a mountain range 120 miles long.

Mrs. Ibberson, wearing sunglasses, walks along the mountain's hills on the a sunny day.

Title - Luncheon at the hotel Rigi-Bahn

Mrs. Ibberson is sitting at a table near the window, out of which the mountains can be seen.

Title - Vitzhau on Lake Lucerne

Shots taken from the lake.

Title - Weggis

Footage taken of the lake from the inside of a boat.

Title - Lucerne

There is footage of the dock, and in the city centre, there is a man directing traffic. The streets are full of vehicles and pedestrians.

Title - The World's Latest Airport Zurich

There are many planes at the airport, and viewing decks are lined with spectators watching the planes take off and land. This is followed by more scenic footage of the landscape taken from inside the plane.

Title - Wien
Title - The XIV Congress of the International Chamber of Commerce was held at Konzerthaus

Shot of the exterior of the building from which many international flags fly.

The following intertitles are followed by the exterior footage of the places which they describe:
Title - We stayed in the Wahringer Strasse
Title - The Votvkirche
Title - The Dreimacerlhaus (House of the Three Maidens) where Schubert's Three charmers lived
Title - Griechenbeisl Restaurant built in the Old City Wall
Title - Whitsun firmung Car
Decorated car drives by.
Title - Augarten Palace where Liszt and Wagner once lived - now the home of the Vienna Boys' Choir

Title - In this Garden Mozart used to play for Emperor Joseph II

The garden is full of people sitting at tables on a bright, sunny day. The Boys' Choir then puts on a performance for those gathered in the garden.

Title - The "Blue Danube" (It's Grey!)

Shot of the river, and there are people sitting on the embankment. This is followed by a shot of the decorated car previously seen in the film.

The following intertitles are followed by the exterior footage of the places which they describe:

Title - Rathaus
Title - Parliament
Title - The Natural History Museum and the Statue of Maria Theresia
Title - Goethe and Mozart
Title - Karlskirche Built in 1716 as a Thanksgiving for the ending of the Black Plague
Title - St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna's ancient Shrine and Landmark - Bombed in 1945 and shelled and fired by SS Troop
Title - The Graben Site of the Moat of Roman Vindobona
Sculpture in the city centre.
Title - The Kurgalon in the Stadtpark

Title - Luncheon on the Terrace near Celebrating Confirmees

There are many people eating at an outdoors at a restaurant. At one of the tables sits a man with two large balloons.

Title - The former ramparts from "The Rig" Jo strolls along Schubert Rig

Mrs. Ibberson walks along the pavement, and aside of her, a tram passes by.

Title - Vienna Airport was severely bombed

Scenes of destruction and debris at the airport are followed by more footage taken from inside the plane.

Title - A few hours later - London Decorations on Whit Monday 25th May, 1953.

London is dressed in decoration, some of which is very ornate. There are shots of different areas of central London including the area surrounding Parliament.

Title - Home Again

The film closes with a brief shot of the Ibberson's back garden.