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YFA 2462



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This is a film of the Kemp family on holiday in Switzerland, prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Title – Holidays abroad
Intertitle – Switzerland, Lake Lucerne August 1937 (with map)

The car is loaded with luggage ready to go (Reg. CWR 552 – with GB plate).  Dockworkers attach ropes to it and it is lifted onto the ship.  The film switches to show some cattle pulling a cart, followed by a horse pulling a cart.  Then there is a large fountain in a city centre and a large memorial, followed by a woman in traditional dress in a street.  Porters carry milk, urns, sacks and luggage onto a boat.  They take a trip on a lake, passing a pleasure boat.

Intertitle – Landing Stage, Trieb. “Fleurry”

A group of people are waiting at the walkway as a boat is lowered.  A dog stands on the cobbled dock.  They set off again around the lake, passing the tavern, ‘to drive home’.  They visit a town.  There is a parade of boy scouts.

Intertitle – Stoos 500ft.

The surrounding area is shown and the village of Stoos.

Intertitle – William Tell Country

They walk around the town of Bürglen, showing the sights.

Intertitle – The “Tell” play

They watch, from behind other spectators, a play about William Tell being performed in the village square, featuring lots of cows, soldiers and many extras.  The film switches to show cows out in the fields and pulling carts.  There are also goats, and a man blowing a mountain horn.

Intertitle – Wild Cyclamen

A group of women examine the cyclamen.

Intertitle – Reichenbach Falls.

They ascend a mountain cable car and stop off to look at the Falls, and after which, they continue the journey back to its end.