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YFA 326



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family holiday to Switzerland.

Title -The Alps: Savoy to the Engadine

The film begins showing the route they will take marked on a map. A Plane, British United, lands at Lydd Airport, and cars, including the Chislett's Jaguar, are taken off and loaded on at the front end. The passengers go aboard and the plane flies over the clouds and lands. They drive off and head for Geneva, driving around the lake, stopping to look around a village and admire the scenery. There is a road sign for Chamonix. They take a trip up a mountain lift. They then take a boat trip on the lake, followed by a car journey up a mountain. Along the way they stop and Grace strokes a St Bernard.

The film shows the wildlife, crops, houses and mountainous scenery. There is a sign for Col des Montets; then Lausanne on Lake Geneva is pointed out on the map. They look around the Lausanne, at a swimming pool, sculptures, and a fair. They take a trip on a monorail train and visit an art gallery, take a boat trip on the lake and then a train journey; before again showing their route on the map. There is a sign for Col-des-Mosses. They film the surroundings, farm work and a town before taking another mountain lift. At the top they go for a walk, and there is a sign for various places. Another part of their route is shown on the map, and they take another mountain lift. Grace sits on a deckchair near some apple trees. Then at the top of the mountain Grace sits next to wild flowers looking at the view through binoculars. They visit another village with wooden huts. Some children round up cattle. There is a road sign for Betten Bettmeralp, and they go up another mountain lift. At the top a man blows an Alphorn, and they visit some caves.

There is more film of the wooden houses nestling among the mountains and local people going about their everyday lives. They board a train at Zervat to their next destination, showing again the surrounding landscape. They wait at a railway station where they meet Rachel and her daughter and baby son, who arrive by train. Rachel takes the cine camera and films her daughter passing luggage to her grandfather, Charles. On the side of a wooden house is written 'Bildstrubeli'. Deer are in the woods nearby. The family go to look at the local shops. Charles walks across some rocks over a river carrying Rachel's daughter, while Rachel watches sat on a rock.

The family later go for a walk around a town overlooking a lake. The two children play on a balcony. They visit some local sights, including ponds with fish and a lake where they take a boat ride. Rachel shows her daughter a St Bernard dog. Rachel is filmed, presumably by Grace, holding a cine camera and stroking a cow with her father giving her daughter a 'flying angel'. Rachel lets her daughter play with some goats. All the family are filmed having a picnic on the grass with nearby cows (camera person unidentified). They all take another trip up a mountain lift and go for a walk on the top. The film comes to an end showing a painting on 'Bambi' on the side of a house.