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YFA 318



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family holiday to Switzerland and the birthday of Maureen.

(b/w) (January) The film starts with two people clearing high snow from rooftops, sweeping it into a wagon mounted on skis. Around them are snow-capped mountains and forests. A village nestles in a mountain valley. A young man and woman pose for the camera. Skiers pass by, and there is a road sign for Litziruti-Chur. A snow plough clears snow from a road. The young couple are pulled up a ski lift and are then ski back down along with other skiers.

(Col) (January) Panoramic views are taken from high up a mountain. Grace sits on a rock and then walks along with two young women, and together they sit by a mountain pool. A woman smells a bunch of flowers. They drive off in a car up a mountain road. Nearby there is a mountain stream.

(Col) (August) A man and a woman pull a cart of hay along a road, helped by a dog, followed by a man pulling a cart on his own. A bus passes their car on a mountain road, with beautiful mountain views. There are close ups of unusual snow and ice formations on rocks. It shows their holiday accommodation, Chalet Alice. The two young women are in the garden, holding a rocket, and then rowing in a boat on a lake.

(Col) (August) Smartly dressed people arrive along a quayside. Boats are lined up next to national flags. There are many different types of sailing boats. In the background there is a large church with round towers.

The film switches to a back garden where Grace passes a bird cage to a woman in uniform (nurse?). Two women try to get a cat to take an interest in the caged budgie (Mickey), but without success, and the film comes to an end.

Note: on film can it states: "Presenting Maureen with her bird, 'Mickey', on her 21st birthday (August)."