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YFA 2424



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This is a comedic short advert for Duncan's Carols and Merrols candies. The film stars Richard Hearne and Dora Bryan.

The film opens with the British Board of Film Censors Certificate.
Title - A W.M. Larkins Studio Production in Association with The Film Producers' Guild
Richard Hearne and Dora Bryan in Sweet Harmony

The film opens in a theatre with the narrator commenting about the scene the actors are performing. It is the balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The director, as well as three other members of the production team, is seated in the audience watching the rehearsal.

The actors begin performing their scene when the man playing Romeo falls off the part of the set acting as a railing. The director cringes, but the scene continues. Juliet emerges on the balcony but cannot speak her lines as she has a mouthful of candy. Angry at the unprofessional nature of the actors, the director storms onto stage demanding to know what she's eating. Juliet explains she is eating Merrols - a sort of butterscotch - which taste like heaven. The director quickly takes them away from her only to find Romeo is also snitching candy. However, he is eating Carrols - a toffee candy - which are scrumptious. The director takes his candy as well and starts the scene again from the top.

In take two, Romeo begins the scene only to trip back knocking down the entire stage set. The advert closes with the following narration while Romeo eats his candy in the rubble of the destroyed set: This picture has a moral. It also has an end which is the time and place to say there is a time and place for everything. But given this, what could be more delightful than the butterscotch of Duncan's Merrols unless it be the chocolate and caramel of Duncan's Carols, a sweet harmony indeed.