Film ID:
NEFA 21970



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A home movie made by William Taylor of Tynemouth begins with two girls enjoying a Christmas at home with their parents. The film changes to show two boys sitting at a table eating their breakfast followed by them visiting a fairground, possibly Spanish City at Whitley Bay, where they are seen taking a number of rides. The film changes to show views of a trip to Sweden which focuses on the two girls seen previously playing on a number of rides in a playground and visiting a zoo. The family take a journey to the Arctic Circle and the girls go sledding. The film changes to show the two girls swimming together in an outdoor pool and the film ends on the ferry journey back to the United Kingdom.

The film opens on two young girls sitting on the floor of a living room in front of a television set. A man, presumably her father, sitting in a sofa nearby hugs one of the girls. A woman sits nearby smiling.

General view of a living room at Christmas with a decorated tree and a tray of drinks on a nearby bureau.

One of the girls sits on the knee of an older man. Sitting beside them a younger woman, the girl begins to play with the man’s tie.

The film cuts to a man and boy sitting at a table eating breakfast. The film cuts to replace the man with a second boy eating his meal.

The two boys stand looking at the various rides and sideshows at a fairground, possibly the Spanish City at Whitley Bay. As the boys walk around the fairground, views of a number of painted billboards over various attractions read ‘One Armed Bandits’, ‘House of Fun’ and ‘The Demon’s Den’. This final sign cuts back to the young boy hugging the older one as if in faux-fright.

General views show a ride in the shape of a house; the billboard reading ‘The House That Jack Built’. One of the boy’s goes inside followed by a close up of a downstairs window with writing inside it reading ‘Thrills and Sensations’.

One of the boy’s holds up a one-pound note to the camera. The film cuts to show him trying to throw hoops over a cylinder, part of a sideshow. A general view shows the prizes on display.

One of the boys sits in a car on one of the rides, an attendant pushes him. Colourful writing in the walls behind the car reads ‘It’s Devilish Good’. The boy rides past again.

General views show a man and one of the boys riding a dodgem car including views from inside car riding around.

The boy seen previously holding a pound note now stands holding only a single coin in his palm. The film cuts to him and the other boy walking though the fairground site eating ice cream.

The film changes to show a view of river or lake with wooded mountains in the distance. General views follow of building in a town or city built near to a busy road.

A large boat or ferry is moored along a dockside, writing along the side of the boat reads ‘Bernkastel – Rundfahrten’.

General views follow of buildings built beside a river and church clock that reads 12.40pm.

In a playground two small children are pushed on a swing by a woman. The children come off the swing, climb a set of stone steps and come down a slide. They come down again, followed by the woman who get’s stuck half-way down. A man stands beside a climbing frame followed by the two children riding a rocking horse.


The film cuts to show two older girls playing in a different playground beside a number of high-rise apartment buildings. Both girls do acrobatics on a climbing frame, climb up, and slide down a wooden slide.

In a zoo, the children feed ducks on a pond followed by views of house Sparrows feeding in a nearby tree. The film cuts to show the two girls waving from inside a playground tower. A sign reads ‘Tummelrunt – Skrivrit Sollentuna’.   

The film changes to show the girls on swings followed by a seesaw in a playground while a woman sits nearby with a picnic.

General views show sea lions swimming in a pool inside their enclosure and sitting in rocks. In another enclosure a polar bear swimming in the water and walks about its territory.

The film cuts to show a city lit up at night with streetlights, cars going past and a number of decorative neon signs

In a snowy landscape one of the girls seen earlier pulls the other on a sledge followed by one of them riding a sled through the snow. A woman watches nearby.

A phantom car ride through a snowy landscape cuts to a view of a large road sign referring to the Arctic Circle in a number of different languages. The car continues its journey through a wooded area.

Three Swedish flags fly from poles cuts to show one of the girls paddling along the edge of an outdoor swimming pool wearing water wings. General views of both girls swimming in the pool are followed by one of the girls coming out of the water.

The film changes to a ferry at sea and a man taking a photograph of the sunset. General views around the boat show people sunning themselves in deckchairs. The film ends on a dockside where cars wait in line to board a ferry moored nearby.