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YFA 1991



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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film documents a trip along the Thames taking part in Swan Upping. Swan Upping is an annual ceremonial and practical activity in Britain in which mute swans on the River Thames are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released.

Title - Swan Upping Voyage July 1955
Title - Visit of the Wardens and Members of the Court of Assistants accompanied by the Master Cutler of Sheffield in the County of Hallamshire Mr. W.G. Ibberson starting from Wargrave, passing through Shiplake, Henley, and Marlow and finishing Bourne End. Photographed by Mr. Ibberson and copied for the Dyers Company.

A group of men are gathered outside of a hotel, The George & Dragon. Each man receives a large white feather. They board a river cruiser and set off on the river. The boat passes houses, countryside, and beautiful gardens before finally reaching Hurley Lock. Here, two men turn the wheels to open the lock. The boat passes through and continues on its journey. There are several rowing boats crewed by men in different coloured outfits. Most of the boats hold three men. One of them stops, and a swan is taken out of the water with two cygnets. The party examine the birds, and the captain of the boat is presented with two bottles. He makes a brief speech with the men are still gathered around the swan. They shout out three cheers, and the swan is returned to the water. Three of the men dive into the river fully clothed. The boat journey continues on, and the boat passes through Temple Lock, continuing on the River Thames. The journey is very scenic, and they pass villages and small riverside cafes along the way.

Title - Northern Command Tattoo 1955
Title - The cavalcade to York after dinner with General Sir Geoffrey C Evans at Claston Hall

Shot from inside a car, the cavalcade is seen on the outskirts of York, the Minster in the background.

Title - Beating Retreat
Title - The Royal Signals Motor Cycle Display
Title - Battle Incident by the T.A. Parachute Rescue
Title - Massed Bands
Title - "The Toy Soldiers" by Boys of the RAOC
Title - The Band of the Arab Legion
Title - Musical Ride by the Household Calvary
Title - The Grand Finale

There are then several very short black and white scenes taken outside a castle (unidentified) which are described by the intertitles which precede the shot. By the time of the Toy Soldiers performance, night has fallen, and lights are used to illuminate the performances. The grand finale involves everyone gathered in the front of the entrance.

The film ends with a point of view shot from a car and countryside and rolling hills before moving onto the Ibbersons in the garden.