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YFA 6324



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Amateur film of a visit with the Gill family and friends to the picturesque village of Swainby in the North York Moors national park, and the remains of neighbouring buildings in the old abandoned village of Whorlton.

The film opens showing a stone built village sign. Beneath the Swainby village name is a National Park plaque.

General view of the main road into Swainby, followed by a view of Scugdale Beck which runs through the village.

Margaret Gill, Walter Gill (with his cine camera) and friends wander through the village, crossing a wooden bridge over the beck. Two young girls, one with a small fishing net, are standing in a shallow part of the beck.

Next a view of the hills near the village and then the main road through the village with the beck running alongside.

An exterior view of Swainby's Black Horse pub follows. A road sign reads:  'Church Lane leading to Whorlton'. Another sign on a post reads: 'Whorlton Old Church and Castle Only' A narrow road dips down into teh countryside.

Three friends in the group relax with a cigarette next to the sign for Whorlton.

General view of the ruins of Whorlton castle, a 14th century gatehouse and partial remains of the vaulted cellars, perhaps Norman,and all that remains of the original 12th century motte and bailey.

Two figures walk towards the castle.

The film cuts to the remains of the cellars, then to a brief view of Friesian cattle grazing in a field.

A small nameplate is bolted to iron railings which reads; 'Whorlton Old Church'. Views follow of the graveyard and some ruined parts of the church, the church tower, the remains of arches followed by other parts of the old church which are still intact.

A general view of the old graveyard follows with some richly flowered rhododendron bushes. Some more general views follow of the old church remains and graveyard. A figure sits beneath a tree with an easel, on which she paints. A close-up shows the progress of the picture.

More views follow of the remaining arches which were once part of the church. The young man and two women seen earlier explore some of the headstones in the graveyard. Sheep graze in meadows and the hills. A woman walks along a track under a canopy of trees.

A woman sits on a roadside verge, painting or sketching on a drawing board. Another woman sits in a small car with a painting on a board in front of her, she smiles at the camera.

Other artists are filmed in the village painting other views. A woman with an easel concentrates on painting from her vantage point right next to the beck. A small child wearing Wellingtons wades into the shallow part of the beck as it goes under a stone bridge.

Another artist is painting a view of the beck and bridge and the houses beyond. A view follows of a pleasant grassy bank next to the beck with artists at work.

Title: The End