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YFA 5731



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This is a film of children at Sutton School for the Deaf, in Hull, playing and in the classroom.

The film begins showing sign for Central Park, East Carr Road and for Sutton School for the Deaf, in Hull.  There is a shot of the outside of the school followed by several young children in green smocks exiting the school.  Each of the children is carrying something, and they are accompanied by a teacher dressed in mauve.  They play outside where two children sit at a table and take it in turns to blow a cardboard tube to each other. Others are playing on climbing frames and a rocking horse.  Indoors, they sit on foldable beds in a classroom.  Back outside a girl pushes another girl on a swing, followed by two older girls doing the same.  Some children go on a slide, while a boy does some flower arranging.  A young girl sits down with a teacher learning to talk using a microphone and headphones, and doing tactile exercises.  The children are then seated at a table outside where they have a drink.  The film closes as a father in a white car collects his daughter from school.