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YFA 5734



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This is a film of an event at Sutton School for the Deaf, in Hull, and of the children out on a trip to a wildlife park.

The film begins with an outdoor event taking place in the school grounds in the summer.  Behind stalls, women are selling food and other items.  Two men stand watching, one with a camera around his neck.  There is a sign for a Methodist church.  Indoors, in a large dark room, children and adults are seated at tables where they have tea and sandwiches.  They leave the building and visit a wildlife park with deer, kangaroos, archery and a tricycle circuit.  They journey back on a coach.  At the school pupils play on climbing frames, a slide, a sandpit and with a large wooden toy crane.  Some pupils are collected by their parents in cars.  

Next, pupils are enacting the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  A group of the children crawl on all fours on the lawn, and run around a girl dressed in white, who sits on the grass, with a teacher directing.  The dwarves march along in single file.  The film finishes showing children travelling on a train or a coach.