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Made by Charles Chislett and commissioned by the Church Pastoral Aid Society, this is a film of the activities of forty boys at a C.P.A.S. summer camp at Burstow in Surrey.

Titles - Surrey Days 1 with C.P.A.S.
A CPSA Production, script, photography and editing by Charles Chislett

Intertitle - The camp at Burstow Surrey, opens the door of a new world to 40 boys a week

There is a sign for Rylands, followed by an Intertitle - "Come for a walk with them one afternoon in July" A group of boys leave their campsite to take a walk in nearby fields, petting a goat. They continue across fields and arrive at a church in a village.

Intertitle - Back in camp, 'skipper' gets enthusiastic support for his evening 'rugger' practice

The boys play a game of rugby, followed by football and rounders.

Intertitle - In the morning camp starts well before 6.0am

Two of the young men helpers have a morning wash in a basin.

Intertitle - Early rising has its compensations

The staff members have an early morning drink of tea. The young men helpers have a shave. Someone fills a pale of water. The boys lay on the bunk beds reading and talking. They then run out of their hut with their bowls, fill them with water and have a wash.

Intertitle - There's something in the air

Sausages are being cooked in large tin trays over a fire.

Intertitle - Each squad has its few minutes 'quiet time' before breakfast

A camp worker reads to small groups of boys.

Intertitle - Breakfast parade

The boys queue in a line with their mugs to get a drink.

Intertitle - "Porridge! I thought I smelled sausage"

The boys form another queue, this time for a bowl of porridge. They take this in and eat at tables in the wooden hunt.

Intertitle - On this occasion the camp officers are University students.

The camp officers sit at a table outside where they eat a breakfast of sausages.

Intertitle - After breakfast the officers are briefed by the skipper

The officers are gathered around to listen to the 'skipper'. The boys wash their breakfast dishes.

Intertitle - Daily fatigues

Some boys are peeling potatoes, whilst one boy is in bed having his temperature taken. The other boys continue peeling potatoes, chop wood for the fire, and shell peas.

End of Part 1