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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film used as a primer for apprentices on the machines of strata control in the mine. It was made at Maltby Colliery, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Title - Support Underground

Opening footage of a church, a narrator explains how they seem to defy gravity. Using illustration, it shows the earths layers and describes what a stratum is.

A sandwich is shown as an example of the Earth; the filling is the coal which is taken out. These are compared with photographs of the kind of support used in mines for strata control. Footage of miners is then shown of them travelling through the underground roadways.
A drawn illustration is then used to show the weight placed on the supports. This is compared with the statue of Nelson Mandela, and how that too needs plenty of support.

Back to the miners in the pit, it shows the coal cutter machines in use as the wastage falls behind it filling up the hole, and the props which hold up the ceiling.

A miniature model of is used as an example of how the weight is supported. This is compared with Ariel shots of industrial and steel works.

The film finishes with photographs and footage of the types of support used depending on the strata, including steel arch ways and props.

Title - NCB Films 1981