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YFA 4119



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The idea of 'what if cars were people' is adopted in this comedy, acted out by members of the Halifax Cine and Video Club. As a man's broken down car is taken to a garage, the garage is operating as a 'hospital', and the car is worked on by a 'surgeon'.

Halifax Cine and Video Club Presents . . . Supa Bupa

A man is driving down a road with his car stuttering and making noises. He manages to drive it into a car park where it makes all sorts of banging noises. He goes into the nearby building where there is a woman in a nurse's uniform behind the counter. Out comes a man in a white coat with a red cross painted on the back, carrying a wrench. Three men in white coats comically push the car into the garage. One of the mechanics, played by Peter Holroyd, opens the bonnet and taps the engine with a rubber mallet and goes to talk to the driver, who is led into a waiting room. Meanwhile the 'nurse' has rigged up a drip feeder for the car and the two other mechanics, or 'doctors', are acting as if an operation is about to be performed on the car.

Over three hours later, with the car owner becoming frustrated, a land rover arrives and car rolled out for a 'consultant', or 'surgeon', in a suit, tie, top hat and umbrella. He is led to the car and after a while comes out in a white overcoat and holding up his hands in industrial rubber gloves. He dabbles about around the engine and puts a large thermometer in the exhaust, which bursts into flame. The consultant puts on his black bowler hat and they again examine the engine. The consultant makes a phone call and two hours later a courier arrives on a Honda Silver Wing motorcycle to deliver a spare part. They all wear surgical masks and work on the engine as of it was an operation, with the 'nurse' wiping the brow of the 'surgeon'. One of them pulls his arm out showing that he has lost a finger. A monitor shows that there is no life.

Eventually they finish and the consultant goes to shake hands with the car owner and gives him a letter, headed: 'Crankcase, Propshaft & Sump Unlimited. Auto Engineers & Consultants (Certified).' On reading the letter the car owner faints. The consultant and the nurse attend to the unconscious man, pronouncing him dead and covering him over with a blanket.

The End