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YFA 2829



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An Aqua Photo Film presentation, this film features many of the key attractions around the city centre of York.

The film opens with a title card, Aqua Photo Films presents, and then shows a sign reading City of York.

There is a view from the city wall towards York Minster, a view of York Minster tower, and then the River Ouse with boats, both row and motor, docked along either side of the river. Children are overlooking the river from the bridge off which Union Jack flags are hanging. More boats are featured, some with people in them, and other spectators are set up along the riverbanks. Also, a young boy jumps into the water and splashes about with a dog.

Clifford's Tower is the next site and is featured from a few different angles. A road sign reading Clifford's Tower is used to identify the site, and there are a few different groups of people spread out on the grass picnicking near the tower.

The next portion of the film takes place along the city centre streets. Notable sites include the Woolworth's store and St. Helen's Square again with a road sign to identify the site. Through the square there is a small parade featuring people in medieval dress. From on top of a horse in the centre of the square, a man reads out a proclamation as another man in similar costume stands close by.

Other sites featured in this film include the Art Gallery, St. William's College, some of the city's gates, Pikerings St, and a few other shops throughout the city. There are more people in costume walking along the streets of York with baskets and other accessories. After a final shot of York Minster, the film closes with an end title.