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NEFA 21951



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An amateur film which begins with a procession of decorative floats and a juvenile jazz band parading along a road, believed to be in Sunderland. Due to the political messages of some of the floats the event may relate to a local student rag week. The remainder of the reel features views of a football match taking place in Spain and views from a hotel veranda.

The film begins from an elevated position looking down onto a procession of costumed people making their way along a road beside a decorated float. A juvenile jazz band follows next marching behind their banner.

Following on behind the juvenile jazz band comes another float on the back of which a group of costumed men and women sit at small tables. Behind them another float with a banner across the top of the drivers cab which reads ‘The Brain Drain’. A number of young people stand on the back of the float, one young man wears a white lab coat with facemask and stethoscope. Two more young men stand at the back of the float beside two flags of the United States of America. As the float passes writing on the back of the ‘The Brain Drain’ banner reads ‘Queue Here for Non-Stop Trans-Atlantic Flush”. Beside it a toilet with a Union Jack in the bowl and a pipe coming out of the waste-pipe.

A small crowd watch from the pavement as the Sunderland Juvenile Jazz Band marches past behind their banner. Another float passes, the occupants wearing home-made silver space helmets and stand beside a model of a rocket with ‘NASA’ written down the side. Next a British Road Services flatbed lorry travels past, a large model of a paddle steamer built on the back.

Another juvenile jazz band marches past, the girls dressed in tartan. Four people on horseback ride behind the next float. A man rolls a barrel along the road followed by various views of other decorative floats travelling past. One float with a large banner reads ‘Vegetable Power’, on another a group of people sit on board drinking cups of tea. A group of students carry a banner in front of another float that reads ‘George Brown Invades USA’.

The film changes to a sports stadium in Spain and two teams of players running out onto the sandy pitch, one of the teams is carrying a Spanish flag. General views of the match follow.
The film cuts to show a woman sitting in the veranda of a hotel room. The film ends with a view looking down on the buildings and sea below.