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NEFA 20933



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This (unfinished) film is believed to be by a former student of Bede College, Durham, on the course run by David Williams, a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television. Local school children learn about the shipbuilding industry. Work in the engineering and carpentry workshops and at the Sunderland shipyards are intercut with classroom scenes and ship model testing (of the S.S. Oriana) in a glass test tank, possibly at the South Shields Marine College.

The film opens in a carpentry workshop at a shipyard, and a man working on a piece of  woodwork.

A paper sculpture is pinned to a noticeboard in a school classroom. Children work on their artwork on a table next to the noticeboard, whilst other children are at work in the classroom.

A group of boys gather around the table, listening to one of their group reading to them.

A shipyard craftsman uses a chisel on wood. A shipyard welder wearing a visor works on a ship part.

A model of a ship named 'Oriano' rocks gently in a glass test tank. A metal plate in front of the cabinet describes the model as the S S Oriana. The camera pulls back showing the size of the model.

The flm then moves on to an industrial workshop and a man studying a circluar metal structure, possibly part of an engine. The camera pulls back to show other engine parts in the workshop. General views follow of the workshop showing other turned metal items littering the floor.

A travelling crane on roof top tracks is operated high above the workshop floor.

Back in the classroom, a boy stands next to his desk and reads out loud from his exercise book.

The film ends as it cuts back to the engineering workshop where workers are dwarfed by large steel cylindrical structures that look like heat exchangers.