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Tyne Tees TV interview with English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, Sting ( born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) broadcast as part of the weekly children's programme Sunday Sundae on Sunday 18th November. The presenter was 16 year old Catriona Pettigrew who had been a runner-up in the 1980 Young Newsreader of the Year Competition run by the Tyne Tees nightly news magazine Northern Life. Pettigrew was a student at Stockton 6th Form College on Teesside.

The presenter gets Sting to talk about his music, and how he came by his nickname. She asks him if he is still a Geordie at heart. Sting replies: "No matter where I'm playing in the world I'm always chasing English newspapers to see how the "Lads" (Newcastle United F.C.) have done. If they win I feel great, but when they lose I'm down in the dumps for the rest of the day. You can't be more Geordie than that!"

When she asks him how he developed his internationally-acclaimed singing style, he replies: "Selling newspapers outside Newcastle Central Station."