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YFA 3878



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This film takes a look at some of the related events of the Walkington Victorian Hayride. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

The film opens with a large horsebox which is driven down a country road and past two people walking. There is also a person riding a horse. Three men work together to get the horse out of the horsebox. There are people dressed in Victorian costumes who ride in the back of the carriage which is pulled by two horses. The horse and cart travel past a church building.

Title - Sunday Hayride poem by Clive Hunter.

A girl rides a horse in the paddock. A lawn mower is in the front garden on the lawn. A woman sits in a deck chair and gets out her sun hat, and in the field, men take horses out of horseboxes. There are women dressed in Victorian costumes, and a man shines the wheel of a carriage.

Sign - WR Collingwood Forestry Contractor Bentley.

There is a group of women who stand in a line. They are wearing Victorian dresses and sunhats, and they are also holding parasols. A lady helps a girl with the bottom ring of her dress as another woman fixes a lady's hat. In the field the men prepare the horses and cart before polishing the brass fittings.

A horsebox is driven down the country road, and the decorated horses pull the carts which are loaded with people who are waving.

A traction engine is in the field (Little Weighton, E. Yorks, Melody of Mirth). A man with a black hat and red coat calls out to the crowds, and another man in a top hat and waistcoat fixes the chain of a penny-farthing. The horses and carts travel through the streets and underneath the stone archways. A gentleman rides a horse through the fields. In a crowded field people clear a path way for the many horses and carts. A police officer on duty rides on a police horse, and people in costumes walk down the road. The man in the red coat takes a drink. The film closes with a group of women who are wearing bonnets and rattling yellow charity tins.