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A Tyne Tees Television news report on a union meeting taking place inside Middlesbrough Town Hall. This is followed by an interview with two union officials outside the town hall about the reason for said meeting. This report was transmitted 26 July 1967.

The report begins with views of men walking up the steps and going inside Middlesbrough Town Hall. General interior views of the crowd in the central hall and a group of thirteen men sitting at a table on the stage. A man speaks into a microphone.

Outside the town hall an interview takes place with a Mr Short, committee chairman and Mr Tomb(?) the secretary about the meeting. The meeting today, says Mr Tomb, is to allow negotiations to proceed. The company is meeting with the union at a national level today. If the negotiations are not successful and the union doesn’t get an acceptable wage offer, they will have to hold factory meetings to consider further action.

Mr Short is asked why if there is a union meeting taking place at a national level, what was the point of this meeting? He replies that he was unware of the national meeting and by the time he was, it was too late to call off the meeting. If no decision comes from the national meeting with regards wages, they will consider militant action on Teesside as well as across the country.