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YFA 1491



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This is a film of the Leeds Cine Club 1980 summer outing to the North York Moors and Whitby.

Title: 'Leeds Cine Club 1980 Summer Outing'

The film begins with a coach and a map showing Goathland. Children play in a field with sheep, and a man sitting on the grass unpacks his cine camera equipment. As the members have a picnic on the grass. One of the women feeds some rams and two women emerge from out of the Ladies, followed by a man. The cine club members, including Alan Siddle, are now outside the Goathland Hotel having a beer. Waiting for a train on Goathland Station, one of the members films the person making the film. They board the train and set off, arriving at Grosmont and the North York Moors Railway and a shed full of steam engines. There they see the railway crossing at work and board a coach for Whitby where they wander around the shops.

They then make their way up the steps to the Abbey, one of them play acting of exhaustion. From here they look down onto the harbour. Down on the beach one of them acts out being bitten by a crab whilst lying down. They have tea in Mills Caf?. Down on the docks they watch as boats come and go. They re-board the coach.

The End