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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1949. The Cooper family are filmed here on their summer holiday - it shows their journey down through London and Southampton to Bournemouth and back.

Title - "Rondor Films"
Title - "Present Summer Holiday 1949".
Title - "Script - H S Jones" "Camera - R+ D Cooper"
Title - "Holidays - that period of the year when the worries of business and the cares of everyday life are forgotten for a brief moment and happiness is found amidst new and beautiful surroundings -
-in this our holiday memoir we present for entertainment a pictorial record of a journey south: The story begins - 8.0 am Tuesday August 9th - 1949"

A picture/map of England shown in red and the words "Rawdon", "Leeds", "Doncaster", "Newark", and "Grantham" appear in yellow boxes pointing to the corresponding areas on the map.

A road sign depicting the word "Leeds" with a coat of arms and the words "A Safety City". There is a car underneath the sign.

"Doncaster County Borough" with a coat of arms and "Make this a Safe Town" sign is shown.

An RAC road sign reads "East Retford"
A road sign reads "A1 NEWARK Notts Co" (Newark being the main focal point).

An RAC road sign reads "Stamford 21 1/4M; GRANTHAM; Newark 14 ? M" (Grantham Being the main focus).

Aunt Ana, Jill (daughter) Mick (son) and Doreen (mum) stand in a group posing for the camera. Mick walks towards the camera.

An RAC road sign reads - "Wansford 61; STAMFORD; Grantham 21 1/4M" (Stamford being the main focal point).
Then a "Welcome to Stamford - Stay Awhile Amidst its Ancient Charm" sign on a black and white border.

A street scene, looking toward Stamford. A lorry drives past the camera. A black and white Tudor building. Another street scene, this time in the town, a 'Skinners' lorry drives past the church. Shots of the church and its steeple. Another street scene from behind the church, looking back towards the town.

Two men ride their bikes down the hill - away from the camera and a lorry drives up the street, towards the camera. A bit further away from the church, but in front of it again - looking down a street with houses down the side of the road.

An RAC road sign reads "Biggleswade"
Another road sign reads - "Biggleswade 7M; BALDOCK; Stevenage 6M" (Baldock being the main focal point).

An RAC road sign reads "Stevenage"

A brick cottage with lots of brightly coloured ornamental animals attached to the outside. It appears to be a shop of some kind. The cottage itself is covered with these animals - Doreen (Mum), Mick and Jill are shown looking at them. Above one of the windows; painted on wooden signs are the words -
"H Macdonald" "Green" "Knebworth"

Title - "A Quaint Craft hand carvings in large variety complete this one man show"

The side of the cottage, covered with more carved animals.

The map with the words "Stamford", "Stevenage" and "London" added.

Title - "City of London"

Mounted guardsmen, a "City of Westminster; Downing St" street sign and the 'No 10' door. Mick and Jill at the bottom of the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

Title - "We shall remember them" (in gothic handwriting).

At the Cenotaph, cars and London buses drive past. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament behind.

Title - "The time is now"

Big Ben and the time is 11:10 am. A boat on the river Thames is about to embark for a tourist trip. A crowd watch from the bridge above. Close-up of Mick with people queuing for the trip in the background.

Title - "Downstream to Greenwich"

On the boat travelling down the Thames, another boat passest with the docks in the background. There are mainly children on the other boat trip.

Title - "Shot Tower - Old Time Lead Works"
Views of the Tower.

Title - "Shell Mex House"
Views of the building.

Title - "New Waterloo Bridge"
Views of the bridge as the boat passes under it.

Title - "Somerset House"
Views of the building, with cars passing in front of it.

Title - "Discovery Scott's Antarctic Ship"
Views of the ship, moored on the bank of the Thames.

Title - "Unilever House"
Views of the building.

Title - "Blackfriars Bridge"
Views of the bridge, as the boat passes under it.

Title - "St Paul's Cathedral"
Views of the dome.

Title - "Tower Bridge"
Views of the bridge from afar - a boat passes in front of it.

Title - "Tower of London"
Views of the Tower behind some tall trees.

The boat passes under Tower Bridge and moves further down the Thames.

Title - "Dockland"
The Docklands. Thames barges, tankers and ships and an old sailing ship/barge go past.

Title - "and now Upstream to Kew"
More ships and the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben in the background.

Title - "Houses of Parliament"
The boat travels further upstream.

Title - "Tate Gallery"
The Gallery with lorries and cars passing in front of it.

Title - "Kew Gardens"
Groups walk through the gardens. Mick walks down a grass path and turns and waves to the camera. Mick, Jill and Doreen (Mum) inspect some brightly coloured flowers. Mick and Jill run on the grass and perform somersaults whilst Aunt Ana and Doreen watch. The whole family look at flowers. A sign reads "Calceolaria Golden Gem". Jill sits on the floor behind the flowers. A sign reads "Begonia Semperflorens varieties Kochia: tricophylla." Jill and Mick look at the flowers. Jill, Mick and Doreen sit in a tree looking at the camera.

Title - "a fine example -The Stone Pine 1547"
Aunt Ana has joined the rest of the family and stands next to the tree - they all look toward the camera.

Title - "Trafalgar Square"
Buses drive past Nelson's Column. Jill feeds the pigeons.

Title - "Regents Park Zoo"
Penguins, (Emperor and Black Footed), polar bears, brown bears, seals, an ostrich, a tiger, a leopard and a couple of species of bird.

Title - "Piccadilly Circus; Hub of the Empire"
Advertisements flash in neon lights, for Wrigley's, Brylcreem, Swallow Raincoats, Gordon's Gin and Jacob's Cream Crackers. A flashing sign in red, yellow, green, orange and blue lights reads,
"Leicester Sq Theatre from Aug 11th
Jean Kent James Donald
Trottie True (The Gaiety Girl)

An advertisement for Guiness reads,
"Guiness Time" (then flashing up) "Guiness is good for you. Gives you strength"

An advert for Bovril, in the form of a firework, and "Wrigleys Chewing Gum. Made in Great Britain"
A cinema advert reads,
"Hunt Stumberg presents
Lizabeth Scott Dan Defoe Dan Duryea
In Too Late for Tears with
Arthur Kennedy Kristine Miller Barry Kelley
-London Pavillion"

Title - "The King's Horses"
The mounted cavalry ride down Pall-Mall.

Title - "The King's Men"
The guards march down Pall-Mall.

Title - "and-The King's House"
Buckingham Palace with crowds and cars outside , in front of the gates.

The words "Guildford" and "Southampton" are added to the map.
Title - "Southampton - Gateway to England"

Jill, Mick and Doreen pose in front of the Monument to the Pilgrim Fathers.
Title page - "Monument to the Pilgrim Fathers"
The monument in full.

Title - "The New Forest"
Mick and Jill play amongst the fern. Aunt Ana and Ronald (Dad) join them. The family pose for the camera with the forest as the backdrop.

"New Forest" is added to the map, along with "Bournemouth"
Title - "Bournemouth
The sea front and children playing in the sea.

Title - "Pine Walk Gardens"
A park with people sitting on the grass behind a tram stop. A notice reads, "Notice. The public are invited to protect this garden which is maintained for their enjoyment". Jill and Mick look at some brightly coloured flowers and. Mick waves to the camera. Aunt Ana, Doreen, Jill and Mick walk alongside a river.

Title - "The Square"
A roundabout with a monument in the middle, cars and buses drive around it. A green double-decker bus drives up one of the busy streets where lots of cars, buses, trams and people travel. Shots of the church, then the beach with cliffs in the background. People walk along the front. Jill and Mick play in the sea while Aunt Ana and Doreen sit on deck chairs watching. They are both fully dressed and Doreen wears white plastic, round sunglasses. The word 'Bournemouth' has been written in the sand. Jill holds Mick's hands while he jumps in the sea. Jill is wearing a white swimming cap. Ronald (dad) joins them and splashes the children with sea water then picks Mick up and carries him in deeper. He then helps Jill to swim by holding her up as she is kicking.

Title - "War Memorial"
Views of the memorial.

Mick has a pony ride along the sea front. Crowds sit on deckchairs and children run around and play. The pier is in the background. The words 'Bournemouth 1949' have been formed out of small white pebbles on the sand.

Title - "Our holiday almost ended, we look to the road home"
A road sign reads "Salisbury"

Across a field and behind some trees is Salisbury cathedral. In the town is a bridge with a painted Coat of Arms. A car drives underneath the bridge.

An RAC road sign - "Newbury 18 1/2M; MARLBOROUGH; Chippenham 18 3/4M" (Marlborough being the main focus).
"Marlborough" is added to the map.

Marlborough town centre with lots of cars parked at the side of the road. A car and motorcycle drive past heading into town, the church is in the background.

A road sign reads "Oxford"
"Oxford" is added to the map.

A large, wide road with vehicles moving along it. A street scene with a large stone building at the end of the road; some children are seen crossing the road at a pelican crossing.
An RAC road sign reads "Leicester 21M; RUGBY; Banbury 25M" (Rugby being the main focus).
"Rugby" is added to the map.

A church tower and the street below. A shop called 'Overtuns' and the clock.

An RAC road sign reads "City of Leicester"
An RAC road sign reads "Bawtry 16 1/2M; OLLERTON; Nottingham 19 1/4M" (Ollerton being the mail focus)

Another RAC road sign reads "Doncaster 8 3/4M; BAWTRY; Retford 9M" (Bawtry being the main focus).

"Leicester" and "Retford" are added to the map.

The "Doncaster" road sign , shown at the beginning of the film.

Back to the map and all the places that have been marked are now joined up by a thick black line.

The film ends with a title page - "We trust you have enjoyed this brief tour and now - Cheerio" Then "Rondor Productions" and "The End" are added.