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YFA 709



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This film captures the sites of the Summer Fayre at the Newfield School grounds located outside of Sheffield.  Many people have turned out for the event on this sunny and warm summer day.  This film is also a very good example of typical summer fashions of the time period. 

The film opens with people gathered in the large school grounds.  The surrounding town can be seen in the background including the Gleadless Valley Estate.  There are various tables and stands set up including ones for arts and crafts and fair games.  Some of the children take part in competitions set up for the day such as fancy dress and jump rope.  A concert band also adds to the entertainment for the day and plays outside at the front of the school.

The arts and crafts stand has a wide range of creations for sale.  There is even a special section for pottery.  There is also a canned goods section to help raise money for the school.

Later on in the day, awards are given out to the younger children who had taken part in the fancy dress competition.  A woman in a green dress leads the awards ceremony and hands out the prizes. 

The Light Infantry also have a small display and are showing off the 14 AYT model truck on the outskirts of the fair.  And on the school grounds, many children take part in gymnastic events including the trampoline, vaults, and horse.  Finally more stands are seen around the fair as well as model airplanes, horse rides for the younger children at the fair, a football match, archery, and tug of war.