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YFA 4574



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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and contains footage of a trip by his family and a group of friends to Ramsgill, passing through the village of Coxwold and finishing up at Byland Abbey. 

Title-Summer Excursion 1948.

Title-To Ramsgill and Fountains Abbey.

Title-Filmed in Kodachrome Natural Colour.

This film opens in the grounds of a manor house looking across the lawn at the main entrance. A coach is parked in front of the house and a group of people have gathered outside. The next shot is a close-up of the coach and all of the passengers as they climb off the bus and wave or smile at the camera. There is a brief shot of a woman holding a young toddler and looking at something off camera.

In the following shot some of the passengers are sitting on benches outside the manor while other people stand around smiling and joking for the camera. There are more shots of the group gathered outside another building. A photographer sets up a camera on a tripod and organises the group to pose for a group shot; Mr and Mrs Wood are part of the group.

There are more shots of the men and women sitting on benches in front of the building while some of the others are standing in the sun talking and smiling and petting a Jack Russell that is sitting on the ground. There is a brief shot of Mrs Wood posing for a camera beside a young boy and then a shot of the young toddler playing with a toy car.

The group walk in the sun through the grounds of other buildings and then they enter a church; some men remove their hats before they go in. In the following shot a group of the people leave the church including a young couple and a small baby; the baby is chewing on a teething ring. A man looks through a photographic camera and then the shot cuts to the young toddler sitting in the driver's seat on the coach and pretending to steer. The sign on the coach reads `Longstaffs'.

One of the final shots is taken from a hill looking down onto the village of Coxwold.  Some of the partyy are seen among the ruins of Byland Abbey, along with two men with cameras on tripods pretending to film the cameraman.  The film finishes with a couple walking through the ruins towards the camera.

Title-The End.

Title-C.H. Wood Bradford