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NEFA 21409



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A man’s summer skinny-dip leads to romance on the beach in this sweet comedy filmed by Keith Venn, a member of Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA). The film won 2nd prize in the 1962 IAC North East Regional Film Competition and won the Newcastle ACA’s Norman Stonehouse Trophy in 1963.

Credit: V. and C. Films

Title: A Summer’s day

Credit: Starring Maurice Burdon, Aubrey Mills

Credit: Camera – Keith Venn

A man clambers over sand dunes and down onto a rocky beach clutching his towel. Further along the beach, and out of sight, a lone woman is reading. The man scans the beach, but it seems empty of people. He begins to strip off his clothes. Meanwhile, the woman is engrossed in her book. The man pauses before putting on his swimming trunks. Believing himself alone on the beach, he decides to risk a swim in the nude.

The woman now notices the naked man running into the sea. She rushes over to the spot where the man has discarded his clothes, picks up his trunks and waves them at the swimmer, laughing. She then strips off her frock and runs to the sea in her one-piece swimsuit. She taunts him with the swimming trunks. The man won’t come out of the sea. She wades in teasingly and throws the trunks to him. She smiles happily directly to camera. The man swims over and pulls her into the sea and they splash around together.

Soon, the woman’s wet swimsuit and man’s trunks are drying on the sand next to each other. The next shot shows the man and woman’s bare feet and legs as they sunbathe on the beach. The man plays footsie with the woman’s foot. Happily laying together on the beach, the man and woman look as if they are sunbathing in the nude. However, when they get up, the woman is wearing shorts and bikini top, and the man has on rolled-up trousers. They dress quickly and wander back up along the beach, now a couple, his hand draped across her shoulder.