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YFA 5985



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This is a film of the Scout Group of St Thomas Groves, Lord Mayor’s Own, York, out on their annual summer camp near West Witton, North Yorkshire.

The film begins showing a road sign for East Witton.  At the camp, tents are widely spaced out in a field at Braithwaite Hall, on the banks of the River Cover.  The Scouts gather around the flag pole in a circle for the Union Jack flag to be raised.  They then play a game of rounders before lighting a fire and preparing and cooking dinner. They dish up and eat in the communal marquee.  Afterwards they wash up the dishes and visit the tuck shop.  The Scouts sunbathe and go swimming in a nearby river, and generally mess about in a home-made bamboo raft.  

The Scouts are dressed in uniform and walking through the village.  They build a den next to a tree.  They carry their gear to their red and white striped truck, which has “Whitby” written on the side.  They drive off.

Title – The End.

[the film has a script for a soundtrack]