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NEFA 14618



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A home movie produced by Ruth Jacobson of family and friends at home in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, during the summer of 1960.

The film opens on a young boy followed by two young women reading a newspaper. [Note: Footage spliced in upside down and may have been used as leader.]

Title: Weiss’s with Sharon, Siegels – Family with Beano & Sadson

A young woman sits on a garden wall cuts to her being hugged by an older woman in a garden beside a pond. There is a view of a woman in sunglasses. A man with a photographic camera walks towards the camera accompanied by two women. Next, a family group stands by a white car in the driveway. The car drives away and two men and a woman remain on the garden terrace talking.

Title: P&T, V&M, Hermione Family with Dogs.

General views of a young boy grooming a dog and then holding a puppy. An older couple and a woman are then filmed holding the puppy. A woman in a flowery dress poses near the garden pond. Two younger men join the woman. General views of various individuals playing with the puppy. A young man in a suit walks towards camera, accompanied by two young women. A large dog jumps up at the man and he wipes the dirt off his trousers. The film ends with views of the two young couples in the garden and of the pet dogs.