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NEFA 14617



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A home movie made by Ruth Jacobson of her family and friends at home in Gosforth, Newcastle during the summer of 1959. The film includes views of their previous home in Kenton Road, Newcastle.

Title: Great Grand, Val & Manfred. Pam & Ted.

The film opens on a small group of people posing in a doorway followed by a young couple posing in the garden.

Title: Val & Manfred with Rosamond & Beano

A young man carries a young woman up the driveway of a house and puts her down next to a convertible car.  The film cuts to show him seated on a patio feeding and playing with a dog. There is a general view of the patio where the young man and two young women are having tea. An older man is asleep in a deckchair. The dog drinks from a plate. In the distance a group of people on horseback cross a field is followed by a man and woman stand in a field of cows.

Title: “Spieling” on the Terrace (Dad, Malcolm, Pam, Ted & David Hyman).

A number of people play cards on the patio.

Title: 96 Kenton Road.

General view of a terraced house in a suburban street followed by a view looking in through a window into the house. A pile of wood and bricks are stacked in the driveway.

Title: Pam & Ted (After). Malcolm

A young woman in swimsuit and a man without a shirt are playing in the garden. The man tries to push the woman into the fishpond before walk arm-in-arm around it. A young man wearing a blue tracksuit sits on a patio chair drinking.

Title: Manfred, Val, Mum, Pam

A young man and woman walk hand in hand. The couple call over a dog and pat it affectionately. A young woman shows off a bracelet to another woman. The film ends on the young woman poses in the driveway of the house.