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YFA 3526



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This film is a candid camera sketch featuring a man being fitted for an oversized suit in a Leeds menswear shop.  This film is thought to have been made in a Burton’s shop in Leeds.  Jonathan Routh tries to persuade Mr. Morris, a barman, that his poorly tailored suit is a perfect fit. 

The film opens with a jacket hanging over a rail, above which a man looks on with a puzzled expression at a shop assistant who is helping a customer try on a new suit.  The customer tries on a jacket which obviously doesn’t fit.  The sleeves are far too long.  The shop assistant tries to persuade him that this would be better for his job as a barman pulling pints in a pub.  Despite the customer’s protestations and appeals to his daughter looking on, the shop assistant continues to give him bogus reasons as to why the jacket more suitable than the fit he has requested.  The shop assistant then tries to get the customer to try on the trousers, which he has altered, with the jacket.  The customer insists that he wants his new suit to be the same as his old one, which fits properly.  The shop assistant then tries to persuade him that he should change his old suit to look like the new one which has been altered.  Eventually the customer loses his patience and leaves the room.

The film then again shows the jacket hanging over a rail.  The customer returns to stand in front of the mirror and is wearing a jacket with one of the sleeves missing.  The shop assistant goes onto explain that he has been filmed by two hidden cameras.  The customer appears somewhat baffled before he starts to see the funny side.  With ladies laughing from behind the scenes, the film comes to an end.

Additional Information:
The YFA also holds the Burton Film collection which features factory and promotional films from the tailoring company.