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YFA 4159



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This film contains footage of flooding in Bradford City centre and bad snow storms that affected Cemetery Road in Bradford.

The film opens with shots of a flooded street and locals trying to get across the water on a temporary bridge. Other people walk down the street about their business with packages and umbrellas; `Burton' shop front is visible.

The flood water flows down the street past a cinema and the film `Theirs is the Glory' is advertised on the outside.

Some men and women come out of a house and walk towards the camera; then there is a shot of them posing for the camera in the front garden.

There are shots of a snow-covered garden and countryside; a man walks along the snow-covered path, meets another man and shakes his hand. Then there is a shot of a woman and her corgi, Doris Studwell and Bertie, she walks up Cemetery Road towards the camera.

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A ship sails on the sea; there are shots of the waves, parts of the ship and the U.K. flag. There are shots of King George VI and the Royal Naval Air Service on board the ship; he is saluted by the sailors.

Title-His majesty with the royal naval air service during war years.

There is a shot of the King shaking hands with the sailors.

Title-His Majesty's marriage to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons in 1923.

There is a very brief shot of the bride coming out of a building and getting into a waiting car.