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YFA 5577



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Made by Henry Foster in 1937, this film documents an important and often unseen part of York’s history and areas which no longer exist in present day York.  This film includes extensive footage Coronation street parties in Hungate, the former slum area of York.  This film shows a procession to York Minster with a visit by a Royal, Princess Mary.  

The film begins with a procession to York Minster led by some well attired women, followed by local dignitaries and men in gowns and caps.  Some top brass military officers stand on the steps of York Minster, and a Royal, Princess Mary, inspects some uniformed women standing to attention outside the Minster.

Intertitle – Items of Interest 

A ship, titled “York, Hull”, is moored in some docks.  Two men row in a boat alongside the ship in choppy water.  They attach rope from the ship to the harbour, and it is pulled through a swing bridge, possibly on the Humber at Hull.  Men wait on the docks as the ship is pulled in.    

Next, in York, a leisure boat as it makes its way along the River Ouse.   It passes a railway bridge (Scarborough Bridge) as a train crosses the bridge.  The boat then passes the rowing club.  Further along it passes other boats, of many different shapes and sizes, as well a place with boats for hire, some youths swimming in the river, and someone riding on horseback along the river banks.  The boat is pulled back into dock at the end of the trip.  

In a cul-de-sac street with terraced houses, there is party taking place.  The residents are dressed up, with party hats, and in the middle of the street is a long table at which sit children, also in party hats. The narrow street has bunting going across it, with lots of Union Jack flags.  At the head of the table a woman introduces a vicar, to applause, and hands him a knife to cut a large cake.  The woman does so, and they hand out slices of cake to those in attendance.  The residents gather to pose for the camera, and in front of their houses.  More footage of the residents follows.

At one house items are being handed out at the window by a younger vicar. Children in fancy dress pose for the camera, with two dressed as the king and queen.  

Sign - Willow Street Coronation 1937

There are more shots of the residents and of the children sat at the decorated table, with sandwiches and cakes.  A woman goes around handing out sweets.

The film then switches to another street, this one having fences around front gardens, where a similar street party is taking place, also with a table in the middle of the road with children and bunting.  There is an overall air of celebration and community spirit as the parties and families are filmed.