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YFA 767



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This film consists of two separate parts, the first of which shows street cleaning, rubbish collection, and refuse disposal in Bradford.  The second part of the film features the Bradford’s Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.  

The film begins with a workman sweeping up rubbish from the curb and emptying it into a hand pushed cart.  The rubbish bin is hooked onto a post, and pedestrians can be seen walking past in the background.  The rubbish from the cart is emptied into a yellow truck.  In the background there is a queue of people waiting for a bus, and a trolley bus passes by with an advert for ‘Bovril’ on the front.  From a red truck two workmen insert a large pipe into a roadside drain, and this pipe is then emptied into another roadside drain. 

At another location two men empty bins into a rubbish truck.  This particular truck has a box attached to the back labelled “Salvage Kitchen Waste.”  Here, separate rubbish is deposited.   

Certain elements of the rubbish are separated, and a man is packing down paper into a bailing machine.  One of the paper trucks backs up towards the bailer to have its load of waste paper emptied by a man using a rake.  There is a view over an empty Odsal stadium with ‘Hammond’s Ales’ painted in large letters on the stand roof.  

At the stadium, some workmen are raking rubbish into a pile in a large open land dump.  A truck makes its way down the hill to empty its load of rubbish into a landfill dump, and a man tips the load using a winch at the side of truck. 

The final portion of the film has been shot in black and white.  The Mayor and Lady Mayoress greet some people inside a large building.  Then the Mayor and Lady Mayoress make speeches from a platform to a crowd of people seated at tables in Lister Park.  Children can be seen playing on the outskirts.