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This film contains footage of what is believed to be the first police surveillance that was used in court. It was filmed by Police Sergeant Fred Dewhirst between 1937 and 1938.

This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection which spans the period from 1920 until 2009. The collection includes films with many different topics including industrial documentaries, local events, educational and amateur titles and some of the Wood family home movies. The majority of the films were made by Harold Wood and his son David Wood who were both involved in the running of the film and photography company C.H. Wood.

Title-City of Bradford Police

Title- The following film was believed to be the first used in evidence before a court. It was filmed in 1937, being to prove a case of street betting. The defendant a person named Fearnley, did not take betting slips, but took bets verbally and used a public telephone to ring the bets to a bookmaker. Money passed hand only. The film proved system and after the film had been shown in court, a plea of guilty was made, in place of the original one of not guilty.

Title-Wednesday 2nd June 1937 from 1-15p.m.

Some men stand on a pavement and talk and something passes between them. More men gather and some of them look at a newspaper.


The shots are taken from further away so that the full busy street intersection is visible.

Some zoomed in shots of the busy street with a tram; two men walk down the pavement to the corner.

Title-Thursday 3rd June 1937 from 1-51 p.m.

A man walks across the road.

Title-2-51 p.m.

Title-3-11 p.m.

A man goes into a telephone box and then walks across the road.

Title-3-52 p.m.

The man goes into the phone box again.

Title-Friday 4th June 1937 from 1-14 p.m.

A few men stand on a street corner looking at some pages and betting slips.

Title-2-2 p.m.

A man goes into a phone box and more men gather on the corner again.

Title-2-59 p.m.

The man comes out of the phone box again.

Title-3-38 p.m.

He goes back into the phone box.

Title-3-45 p.m.

A group of men with papers stand around on the street.

Title-4-19 p.m.

Title-4-43 p.m.

Title-Monday 7th June 1937 from 1-56 p.m.

A man goes into a phone box

Title-2-26 p.m.

Title-2-59 p.m.

A man is in a phone box

Title-3-25 p.m.

Some men go in and out of the phone box

Title-3-57 p.m.

A man exits the phone box

Title-Wednesday 9th June 1937 from 1-50 p.m.

Distance shots of the men gathered at a street corner with a paper. Trams pass by, and men are gathering around the street corner.

Title-2-54 p.m.

One of the men looks into the phone box.

Title-3-26 p.m.

Title-P.C. Bob Rellon checks the telephone booth on completion of the observations.

This is followed by more shots of the phone box.

Title-The End.

Title-City of Bradford Police

Title-This film taken in the vicinity of Town Hall Sq. and Horton Lane shows the actions of Anthony Brennan and other during the periods stated.

Shot of the street with horses and carts and of men gathered in a group.

Title-From 2-40 p.m.

Title-3-15 p.m.

Two men walk along the street and there is a shot of the gathered group of men.

Title-3-22 p.m.

A man comes out of a phone box and walks down the road.

Title-3-27 p.m.

Three men stand together looking at a paper.

Title-3-42 p.m.

A group of men gather at the side of the road.

Title-4-3 p.m.

Shots of the men, gathered again, looking at papers.

Title-4-43 p.m.

Three men stand beside a phone box and pass slips of paper to each other.

Title-Friday 4th March 1938

Title-From 1-43 p.m.

Some men are lined up at the side of the road.

Title-2-19 p.m.

Title-3-50 p.m.

A group of men have gathered at a corner.

Title-Saturday 5th March 1938

Title-From 1-58 p.m.

There is a shot of the busy road.

Title-2-0 p.m.

The men have gathered by a kiosk.

Title-2-7 p.m.

Some of the gathered men look at papers.

Title-2-23 p.m.

There is a shot of a street all the way up to the top and there is a sign for `A.N. Ingle Solicitors'.

Title-2-26 p.m.

A man comes out of a gate on the same block as the solicitors and walks off down the road.

Title-2-29 p.m.

Title-2-31 p.m.

A man with a paper walks down a street and joins up with a group of men at the side of the road.

Title-2-57 p.m.

Title-2-59 p.m.

There are shots of the same man coming back up the street and into the gate which is on the same block as the solicitor.

Title-3-2 p.m.

The man comes back out of the gate again and goes off down the road.

Title3-27 p.m.

He returns to the same building again.

Title-3-29 p.m.

He comes out of the building again.

Title-4-18 p.m.

The men gather near a phone box and they pass each other money and betting slips.

Title-4-45 p.m.

Title-Monday 7th March 1938

Title-From 2-15 p.m.

The men gather outside on the street with a paper.

Title-3-0 p.m.

Title-The End.