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NEFA 19730



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This amateur home movie filmed by G. R. Davison shows the Stoutt family and friends enjoying  days out and visits around the North East. Footage includes a race meet at High Gosforth Park racecourse, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 11 April 1955 where Major Petch is a judge; a trip to Castle Howard stately home in North Yorkshire; a  visit to Tynemouth with the Plaza hotel and outdoor pool featured; the beach at Crimdon Dene and finally a visit to the Lake District. The group enjoy picnics, crazy golf, jokey games of cricket with a tennis racket, and there's a glimpse of the Guiness Clock. Features some 50s fashionable frocks.

[Please note the first section of the film was badly damaged.]

[black and white footage]

Title: G. R. Davison presents

Title: The Stoutts and their friends

Title: Whit Monday 1954

[black and white footage]

The Stoutts family emerge from their house heading off on a trip with friends. They head off in their cars, one a Morris Minor car, followed by a Ford Popular. N McDowell's, the family butcher, is located on the street.

The friends get out at a stop in the countryside. One of the vehicles, a small van has the words Darlington and Stockton painted on the bodywork. The group walk across the open grassland with a spectacular view of the countryside in the background.

Title: The Mighty Duke of York

Two women seem to be struggling up a hill as they walk towards the camera.

Title: She'll be coming round the mountains.

One of the men in the group, a cine camera slung over his shoulder, 'pushes' one of the women up the hill. General views show the group walking up a hill towards the camera.

Three of the women in the group, young and old, attempt to sit on a dry stone wall.

Title: There would be no picnic without this

The group sit down on the grass and tuck into sandwiches and drink tea.

Title: One drink of our tea can make you feel a new man.

One of the men, in a Trilby hat, takes a sip of tea from his mug and smiles. Picnic food is spread out on a rug on the ground. The group sit around and eat.

Title: The 'youngsters' have a good time

A tennis racket is deployed in a chaotic game on the slope of a hill. The young woman seen earlier retrieves the ball. The game continues, not quite cricket, almost rounders, but certainly not tennis, it's more of a mixture, an improvised game.

Title: Sunday June 27th. We set off for Castle Howard.

Another trip for the group as they get their cars ready: one is a Hillman, the other a Morris Minor.

Title: Chop Gate. A moment of fair and fine weather.

The cars have stopped on the road, and the younger woman seen earlier runs through long grass towards the cars, the other adults following on at a much slower pace.

Title: Returning from Castle Howard, we find one more dry spell.

Three of the group stand and look at a view of what is thought to be Easterside Hill from Newgate Bank in Bilsdale North Yorkshire. The camera pans right to show the extent of this spectacular view although weather conditions are somewhat misty. The younger woman takes in the view.

Other members of the group take refreshment from the boot of the Morris Minor. With cups of tea in hand, the group smiles for the camera. One of the other members of the trip walks towards the camera cup of tea raised and his hat doffed. More views of tea being consumed (picture out of focus)

Title: At Newcastle April 11th 1955

The race programme gives a list of officials and stewards for a Gosforth Park race day in Newcastle, including Major L Petch as a judge. There's a big crowd at the racecourse, in the stands and around the bookmaker’s stalls.

Horses and riders make their way to the start of the race. From the spectators’ position behind the safety fence, the camera shows the horses galloping down a straight section of the track. They pass by the camera and go off toward a curve in the distance.

The information board shows the result of the race. Tic Tac men in the crowd broadcast betting odds in their own sign language.

From a higher position the film follows the horses and riders in another race.

 [colour Kodachrome footage]

The film shows a decorative Guinness clock. Crowds gather round to watch the eccentric mechanical features of the clock. Three women are admiring a large pot planted with flowers on the seafront at Tynemouth, the Victorian Tynemouth Plaza hotel in the background.There's a brief overhead view of the crowded open air pool. The Stoutts and friends then play crazy golf on a course overlooking the sea.

A man and boy lark around on a lawn. Next, a man is crafting something like a basket.

The group leave a warehouse like building together, one woman with a camera. They all make their way over a bridge and under a railway line towards the beach, possibly at Crimdon Dene. Two of the men make an arch together with their arms for their wives as they manage to climb the steep bank and reach the top. The large group of Stoutt family and friends play cricket on the beach. The young boy makes a lot of runs with the bat. The young woman, in a bright red sweater and 50s skirt takes the bat and has a go, making a run. One of the older women cradles a baby in her lap for the camera. The woman points at the camera to encourage the child to look. The camera pulls back and shows two other women sitting nearby behind a windbreak.

A group of the day-trippers gather around a Hillman Minx car, then settle down to enjoy a picnic. Members of the group wash their cups and plates in the waters of a lake nearby.

The film cuts to the view of a small car ferry in operation on a lake, the vessel slowly approaches the camera. On the bankside a number of cars wait for the ferry. A yacht sails on a lake. The ferry pulls away from the bank, view from the ferry platform. On board the ferry the group enjoy the journey and the views across the lake.

The next location is a moorland hillside as a young boy walks up the hill. Next a view across the moorland to hills in the distance. Two women in the middle distance take a moorland path. The film cuts to a view of a lake and mountains in the distance. Next two women and a man carry bags and chairs across the grass. They set up the chairs and cushions and other picnic essential. Some riders on horses and ponies go past. At a mountain viewing point, with stone walls for a boundary, the women emerge from a path and head towards the cars.