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YFA 331



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace made of a holiday tour of Rome, Sicily and Naples.

Title --A Story of Rome, Sicily and Naples

The film begins showing water drops glistening on the branches of a bush. Then at Heathrow Airport, passengers and planes wait for their flights. Their route is shown on a map.

Intertitle - To Rome in two hours by Comet

Passengers board and the take-off and flight are filmed. At Leonardo de Vinci Airport they board a bus for Rome. Next we see the Piazzo Venezia, the area around the Vatican, the Coliseum, the Vittorio Emmanuelle II monument and the Piazza del Popolo. They look down on a yard with lots of cats. Their route to the Vatican is shown on a map. They look at the Castel Sant'Angelo from across the Ponte Sant'Angelo. They visit St Peter's Square, followed by the Trevi fountain. They take a ride through the streets and visit other sights.

Intertitle - The road to Tivoli

They take a ride through the streets of Tivoli and show construction work being undertaken. They take a journey out to the surrounding countryside and visit more ancient relics, including the Villa Deste and the fountains.

Intertitle - Hadrian's Villa

They look at a model reconstruction of the villa, and then as it is now, in ruins. Following this, the tourists look around the Coliseum. They then take a flight to Sicily.

Intertitle - Mondello is six miles west of Palermo

They film the local flowers and the fishing boats in the harbour. From their hotel they watch the sun go down. They take a drive with a young woman and look out at a bay from high up. They go to Palermo and visit other sights on the island. They go on a boat trip along the coast, and then travel over to the other side of the island, visiting a fishing village. They venture inland, having to stop for trains on a couple of occasions. They visit a market selling fish and fruit at another fishing village. They then go to a dock, where goods are still being transported by cart being pulled by oxen. Wine is transported in ceramic pots. Grace surveys the view from their hotel balcony.

Intertitle - The road to Etna (10,780 feet)

On the way to Etna, seen in the distance, a race of Fiat 500s goes past. They go up to the top on a mountain lift. On their way back they show the mountain roads and villages. Charles and Grace both wash grapes. After extensively touring and filming the island, they take another boat journey, shown on a map.

Intertitle - Volcano Island at dawn

They travel along the coast and visit a fishing village.

Intertitle - Lipari

They stop at a village, where some passengers disembark, and then go on their way again. Two rowing boats approach laden with goods, and power boats go past.

Intertitle - Stromboli

They continue their journey along the coast, passing the island of Stromboli and seaside towns. They stop off at one and explore the area.

Intertitle - Villa Son Michele (Home of the late Dr Axel Munthe)

They go on a tour of the Villa San Michele and Island of Capri.

Intertitle - Road to Vesuvius

They film the journey to Vesuvius, with vine yards, and go to the top on a mountain lift and look around the crater. They then travel on a motorway to Naples.

Intertitle - Rome again and to the top of the Dome of St Peter's

They go up onto the top of St Peter's, filming the view over Rome. Men wearing the traditional uniform of the Swiss Guards stand at the entrance to the Vatican. They are then back at the airport for the return journey.

Intertitle - VIPs board first

Passengers board and they fly back to London. At the airport car park their grandson sits at the wheel of their car.